Cape Town Tourism supports the Ubuntu Festival

17 on Loader Guest House is proud to announce that the heart of the City is gearing up for the Ubuntu Festival from tomorrow, Friday 16 to Monday 19 July, in celebration of former president Nelson Mandela’s birthday. You are invited to the Ubuntu Symposium which takes place on Monday 19 July at the Taj Hotel in Wale Street and explores ways in which Cape Town can harness that wonderful feeling of unity amongst Africans and all visitors that was achieved during the World Cup – Ubuntu at its very best! The Symposium aims to unpack the concept of Ubuntu and encourage Capetonians to practise Ubuntu at work and at home, within our communities and beyond – to create a better city to live, visit, work, study and                  

About Cape Town

South Africa Won the World Cup


Yes, we did it! Whilst South Africa may not have been able to keep the World Cup trophy on the African Continent -we sure were able to show the world just what a Country we are and that we can deservedly claim first prize on every other scoreboard. Apart from being the most magical, diverse, awe-inspiring and beautiful country that it is, South Africans have time and time again shown the world what it is capable of doing. And now we have just proved the doubting Thomas' wrong and shown the world that we can indeed host the world's largest and most prestigious sporting event. And this done in a magnificent; seemingly effortless, efficient; and crime free environment-with the warmth, hospitality, enthusiasm and open heartedness                  


Adidas Three Stories


For those of you who haven't yet hit up Adidas' World Cup pop-up initiative - Three Stories, in Woodstock Industrial Centre - get it while it's hot! At sixteen we all dreamed of a place like this. A home where artists, sculptors, photographers and general trendsters hang out, with local art exhibited on the walls, skate ramp downstairs, big screen upstairs, free-flowing freshly-popped popcorn, killer margaritas, homemade food, and live acts rocking out just for the kick of it.  And best of all there's no hustling and hitching to get there. Arrive alive with the free shuttle service running through town to Three Stories.   This week's Three Stories schedule:   Daily: A-Store and Adidas                  


Mexican Shebeen!


Weeks of searching and I believe that I've discovered where the real, riotous, palpable World Cup fever is AT!!! Cape Town's football-crazed chaos has largely been a pub and fan park affair. With other great places to perch onesself for a viewing, including the actual stadium, and Mzoli's. But in search of something more - something different - last night we wandered down toward the muffled crowd sounds of the Shebeen (which is at the Strand Tower Hotel on the corner or Strand and Loop Streets) and found our way up into, what looked like, an entrance parkade... and low and behold, discovered the Me-heee-carn shebeen! Think hot dog stands, big screens, foosball tables, a mechanical bull, a live DJ blaring the Bump 205's                  


The Stellenbosch Slow Food Fair


The city is frantic. Even the traffic is flying flagged allegiances. And although The World Cup hype is deliciously palpable, sometimes we need to step out of the red-robot-green-robot regiment that's currently on show and remember the slow, sultry offerings that lie outside of our mini metropolis. Take some time to slow down. This weekend the Stellenbosch Slow Food Fair exhibits South Africa's eclectic food culture. Over forty food stands will feature Indian, German, British, European and Chinese cuisines in a heated marquee - what better resistance to Winter than warm bellies inside and out.  For hot Gossip Girl XOXO - type convo and a good dose of estrogen in the air (which has been admittedly                  

Night Life

Long Street- the Litmus test


So its reached the midpoint of the 2010 World Cup with the last game of the first round having been wrapped up yesterday. To say the least the tournament has yielded more than its fair share of excitement and above all good times. If ever their was a tangible measure of the success of the event, the atmosphere in Long Street would be it. Historically the Mother City's oldest and arguably still its most relevant clubbing district, its performance undoubtedly is the true test of 'off the pitch' success. That being said, thus far things have been phenomenal. The exemplary safety blanket provided by the ever so present S.A.P.S who have quite hilariously, adopted the time old 'school field trip' buddy system, and                  


Fatboy Slim in Cape Town

Fatboy Slim

"Push the Tempo! Push the Tempo! Push the Tempo..." The master of mix and remix has hit the Western Cape walkways, and the 2010 Cool Britannia concert series brings him to the CTICC stage this Friday 18th June. The official disc jockey for Englad, and the man that brough wonderworks the likes of   The Rockafeller Skank, Right Here, Right Now, Praise You and Ya Mamma, Fatboy Slim! With tomorrow's matches lined up: Slovenia vs USA England vs Algeria Germany vs Serbia The Fatboy Slim-ness will wing wicked after the England/Algeria game. As the headline act he's accompanied by SA's own Dino Moran (a favourite of our favourite Frenchman, DJ Rene, I may add) and NickE Louder. Tickets                  

About Cape Town

Fan Parks and Fan Fare

Day two of the incessant vuvuzelas ringing in the air and it still gets me all tingly:) For those of you without tickets as we spin into the 2010 Soccer World Cup, cruise into (although it's more liikely a bob and weave procedure) Cape Town's  fan fare! Fan parks are found at: Bellville Velodrome, Phillipi Stadium and Athlone Stadium, while the four smaller, community viewing sites are at Atlantis, Khayelitsha, Nomzamo and Maynardville. For the festivities of the fan mile and the near-stadium electricity, hit Cape Town's official Fifa fan park - Grand Parade. At a capacity of 25, 000, Grand Parade is going to be bursting with "Ayoooooobaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" every match day from 11h00                  




Anything Goes, Thirst Bar Services and Attica have teamed up to create a unique, sexy, sophisticated and one of a kind pop-up club for the month of June, in celebration of the beautiful game. The club is called YOLO (You Only Live Once), and as the name suggests, this little gem of a project is a unique experience situated in the Cape Quarter in Cape Town. The venue is a lavish 350 sqm space with a beautiful wrap around balcony that overlooks the fan mile and is in the heart of Cape Town’s football headquarters. The design and influence is very sexy and open plan, and the vibe will be targeted at attracting the upmarket champagne drinking crowd, both local and international, who will no doubt visit the Mother City in the                  


Construction of A Woman


This project ‘Construction of a Woman’ is all about how women get portrayed in today’s society. I decided to  take it a step further, look at it in a different aspect with a bit of edginess to it. What I found fitting to that criteria was ‘Construction of a Woman and her Nationality’. I then carefully selected four individuals, that differentiated in origin. With their nativity in mind, I came across the concept of painting their flags onto their faces. My project combines Fashion and Art, which the different girls depicted differently. Plus the theme of this project couldn't have been more perfect, as the World Cup is around the corner.