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What’s Up Liam: Thailand’s Top 5


The Islands, Beaches and Weather - What's a trip to Thailand without visiting one of the many islands? Whether you want to head down South and take time out on Koh Sumui, Koh Tao or Koh Pangya, or take the short trip from Bangkok to Koh Samed, Thailand's islands offer that instant feeling of "I'm on holiday". The beaches are spectacular and the weather is always warm - you can't go wrong! Bangkok - The city to be explored! As if the beautiful islands are not enough, Thailand has the metropolis of Bangkok. It's a bustling city that offers world class dining, shopping, entertainment and a taste of what a real Asian city is like. Bangkok also acts as the national and international connecting point for buses, trains and flights in                  

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Stop having a boring life

For South Africans, it's always interesting to see how the rest of the world perceives us. We're probably a bit sensitive about our shameful past, and are viewed as something somewhere between a first world and a third world country, with many tourists surprised we don't have wildlife roaming the streets. So it's pretty cool to see what a Canadian blogger and traveller had to say about our sunny shores recently. Rob Lloyd is leading a life most of us could only dream of. He was brave enough to pack up his corporate life and is now travelling the world and blogging about it on stophavingaboringlife.com. In February this year, he was invited to join the Visit South Africa Blogger Tour organised by South African                  

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Liam Kelly: 2012 STA World Explorer – On the Road Again..

After completing his first assignment which he started in Washington DC on November 24th, 2011, Liam has begun the next chapter of his worldwide peregrinations - his trek accross North America. (Just a little background though: You will recall that  What's Up Cape Town and What's Up Jozi supported this (then) 19-year-old Cape Town student in his efforts  to beat 4000 others Countrywide to win the experience of a lifetime in a national 2012 World Explorer competition run by STA Travel South Africa (www.statravel.co.za). We did it here). This is the first for South Africa, with all the previous World Explorers chosen from other Countries around the world. His successful entry was based on four competition steps: a motivational                  

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In Bartholomeu Dias’ footsteps …


Two weeks ago, at last the day had come: Clear the decks for the next adventure in South Africa, the country in which I work and live as a volunteer in the Guest House 17 on Loader. How can I describe my trip? One could try it like this: I spent all day long in a bus only to visit a rocky steep slope that sticks in the water like probably millions others do, too. However, one could try it like this: I experienced a marvellous 8 hours with Swiss, Englishmen and Australians on a journey around the famous Cape peninsula at the southern point of Africa. Our tour guide company, African Eagle, organized a captivating tour. We started our trip in Cape Town in full sunshiny weather. The route led us along the Atlantic coast towards                  

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Cures for the crunch and partying penniless (well, nearly)


Cynical conspirators argue that the recession is just another lie from "the man", and in truth, traipsing through Cavendish Center in the middle of a weekday could get you thinking that perhaps they have a point. Having walked straight out of student-ville into an apparent recession, counting out five cent coins for airtime, or returning coke bottles in order to purchase my popcorn staple, is nothing unusual. Still, I admit that extra electricity, food and woolens, worsens winter finances somewhat. I battle with the self-inflicted torture of window-shopping, or the notion that social resuscitation is not a good enough reason to dip into the emergency fund. More to the point, in this economic climate, starving artists are out of