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Everyone has been on at least one terrible date. If at this point you are thinking to yourself, “No, not me”, perhaps you are unwaveringly optimistic, perhaps you have flexible expectations, or perhaps you are downright nauseatingly lucky. For the rest of us (who can relate to horror stories of small-talk that led to “I only listen to heavy metal bangra”, or the maniac that asked to see your feet on the first date), we understand how a terrible choice of place can ruthlessly catalyze an already souring date. Luckily for you though, the Mothercity is nurturing when it comes to romance. The rain and winter breeze encourage opportunists to venture in closer, under the guise of consideration and warmth. From Gugulethu to Camps                  


You gotta get to see SA’s new local film talent at the Labia on Orange tonight.


    03:59 WebFest, South Africa’s new online film festival, is holding two screenings for people to experience the finalist films on the big screen. Both screenings take place on the 26th October at the Bioscope and Labia independent cinemas in JHB and CT respectively; at 6pm. Costs are R40 in JHB and R25 in CT. The films, all referencing the compulsory TANK, are exactly 3 minutes 59 seconds long. With a mixed bag of sci-fi, drama, and comedy, 03:59 WebFest offers something for everyone. The twelve films on show hint at the talent we have in South Africa’s creative community. Films can also be watched and voted for online. http://tinyurl.com/3g2yzzl The film with the most votes will be awarded the