The BIG Issue: Francois Pienaar exclusive

Former Rugby Captain Francois Pienaar

Hot on the heels of its record sell-out SA Music edition, The Big Issue delivers another cracker magazine, with a heavy focus on the people in South Africa making change on all levels.  “During crazy times like these where South Africans seem to be inundated with social, political and economic problems, looking at what people from all walks of life are doing to effect change — big and small — is, for me, a strong elixir against the despair that we could all so easily succumb to,” says Melany Bendix, editor.  The inspirational stories begin with an exclusive interview with cover star, rugby icon Francois Pienaar. What many don’t know about the former Springbok captain is that, for the past decade, he’s led a mission to change the                  


You’re gonna get lucky this Friday the 13th!

An exlusive interview with the Dalai Lama

  Friday the 13th may be an unlucky day for some, but for vendors of The Big Issue South Africa it’s sure to be a windfall of a day as they hit the streets armed with an edition featuring an exclusive cover interview with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The now 76-year-old Dalai Lama gave the interview and rare photo shoot to the International Network of Street Papers, an umbrella organisation for street papers in 40 countries, including The Big Issue South Africa. During the interview, he praised the street paper model, which empowers unemployed vendors who buy magazines at half price and sell them on the streets at the cover price. Crucially for South Africans facing the threat of a media clampdown due to the                  


The Big Issue’s Amazing Competition: R 43 000.00’s worth of Travel through Europe up for grabs!

Travel Europe Competition

The Big Issue is iconic - plain and simple. It’s a great magazine with varied content, and an agent for change and self-empowerment for so many less fortunate brothers and sisters. Now The Big Issue, together with the super folks of Busabout are giving you the chance to win grande-BEEEG, all while doing something good at the same time! Heard of Pamplona, that crazy place in Spain, where in a 400 year-old tradition, maniacs are chased through the middle of a cobbled street by a mob of angry bulls? 4 days, TICK! What about Ibiza… the party and club capital of the world, aka gorgeous island? YES, 7 days, TICK! Throw in a six-leg hop-on, hop-off flexi-leg bus tour, where you can make up your own trans-European                  


Special Youth Day edition proves the kids aren’t all bad

Youth day Special of the Big Issue

  At a time when youth wage subsidies, escalating unemployment among the young, teen pregnancies, ailing education systems and substance abuse dominate headlines relating to South Africa’s youth, The Big Issue’s Youth Day edition shows there’s still a huge amount of positive news about the kids of 2012. “That’s not to say there aren’t enormous problems plaguing South African youth or that these issues are ignored in this special edition,” said editor, Melany Bendix. “But we chose to primarily use this edition to give both our teen and adult readers a deeper and more balanced insight into youth issues and to put the spotlight on some of the many young people making meaningful                  


Bold cover of latest BIG ISSUE supports emerging SA film

The Big Issue Kyle Shepherd

  The Big Issue makes the bold move of featuring up-and-coming actor Jafta Mamabolo on the cover of the latest edition. A stunning image of a semi-submerged Mamabolo is accompanied by the tag line, “The emerging face of SA film”. “Jafta stars in Otelo Burning, which hit the big screens around the country on May 11, the same day the magazine comes out,” explains Melany Bendix, editor. “We decided to feature him on the cover as we have a well-founded hunch that Otelo Burning may be as big as Oscar-winner Tsotsi, judging by the rave reviews and string of awards it has already garnered.” She adds that The Big Issue has a reputation for supporting the local arts and the latest magazine                  


Heavy-hitter exposes some big issues

Domestic Worker abuse

      The late April edition of The Big Issue is a heavy-hitter, carrying not one, but two large exposés. The first is an in-depth look into human trafficking to supply South Africa’s sex trade. The report carries a first-hand account of a child survivor of human trafficking, along with a snapshot of the global battle to fight the illegal trade in humans and South Africa’s progress in that battle — or the lack thereof. It also includes a report on how the ANC Women’s League’s call to decriminalise prostitution could, according to advocacy groups, lead to a clampdown on human traffickers. “Human trafficking is by no means a new topic. But we felt it was crucial to                  


The big nuke issue: SA’s big nuclear plan in the spotlight

Big Issue

  As South Africans grit their teeth and brace themselves for a minimum 16% electricity tariff increase in April, The Big Issue tackles the big question: Will nuclear energy lead South Africa out of the dark? “Our explosive ‘big nuke debate’ pits two experts from opposing sides against each other to debate the pros and cons of South Africa’s R1 trillion nuclear energy plan, including safety, waste, cost and why we need — or don’t need — six new nuclear plants,” explains editor, Melany Bendix. “With Eskom warning of yet more rolling blackouts this winter, the timing of this debate is more crucial than ever,” she adds, “and it’s done in such a way that                  


Issues big and small for all


    The latest edition of The Big Issue offers readers of all demographics a smorgasbord of content, from hard-hitting exposes on gay refugees facing yet more persecution in South Africa to entertaining interviews with local bands and top comedian Riaad Moosa. “Because The Big Issue has such a wide and diverse readership, we aim to ensure there’s something in the magazine for every buyer. The latest issue is a great example of this, offering a balance of entertainment, investigative journalism, humour, social advocacy pieces and even analysis,” said Melany Bendix, editor. The cover star for the early March edition is stand-up comedian Riaad Moosa, who has just hit the big-screen with his new movie                  


The End is Nigh…and 12 more Big Issues for 2012 – with plenty to WIN!

    The Big Issue has pulled out all the stops for its first edition for 2012 with a tongue-in-cheek Mayan calendar cover playing on the end of the world hype and depicting 12 other Big Issues SA faces in 2012. “Amid all the ‘end cometh’ prophecies, we thought we’d have some fun by commissioning cartoonist Gavin Thomson to illustrate a Mayan calendar cover with a South African twist,” said Melany Bendix, editor of The Big Issue. “This is a unique and quirky cover that is sure to have readers spinning it around and around to find all the 12 big issues we predict will be the most predominant in SA during 2012.” The 12 Big Issues are also laid out in black and white inside the