Day Glo at Assembly!


In the spirit of all things bright, tight and keen to come right, Assembly (Harrington Street) presents Sunny in the Shade: Day Glo! This will 2010's first Discotheque party at Assembly, and a massive disco dance it shall be. Sponsored by Malibu, DC shoes, Nixon ,Von Zipper and Vida E Caffe`, it promises to be a banger. The venue is going to be echoing luminous glows and black lights, so the dressed appropriately neon pay R50, while the fail-faces and cop-outs pay R70. (I'm not a huge fan of those who don't dress up - can you tell?). Neon tights, neon lights, neon love - that's what we're anticipating. The line-up includes Nick Supply, with his fresh, addictive, bouncy-fidget house; our electro love