Eating Out

La Mouette’s Garden Party.

Sunday, 10th October marks the launch of La Mouette's new Summer Menu (and if it's anything like it's current Spring Menu - you gotta be there!) Starting around 12 noon, the day promises to be a festive one - what with a Dj; mobile cocktail bar (does that mean one can take it home with you?) etc - who knows when it will end!!!!!!!! For reservations, email or call 021 433 0856 [ad#restaurants-medium-leaderboard-adddynamo]                  

Out of Town

A weekend away, Darling?

This weekend, the charming Darling of the Western Cape, snatches up the last fleeting moments of ripening weather, to bring us the Darling Music Experience. The donkey-drawn-carriage streets, in amongst swells of Darling vineyards, will be awash with merriment and music from Thursday 'til Sunday. Thursday 11th features concert pianists, while Friday 12th promises wine estate choir performances and rising stars of the Artscape National Youth Music Competition. Saturday the 13th brings a street-side screening of the documentary "El Systema" - documenting the efforts of Evita se Perron. This is followed up with a wicked wine and food paired luncheon, wine-tasting, a musical rally for kids and a duel between dynamic                  


Fokofpolisiekar at Kirstenbosch


Think summer dresses, green lawns and sunset serenades. Cape Town tradition dictates that we are, once again, in full swing of Kirstenbosch's Sunday Summer concerts. An ideal way to spend a Sunday and ease out the weekend, Summer concerts at Kirstenbosch have all the party aspects of the live gig, and all the pretty aspects of a late afternoon picnic set before Cape Town's mountainous backdrop. After last week's amazing performance by Zebra and Giraffe, this week Sunday presents a band that pioneered the face of 21st century Afrikaans Rock music. Fokofpolisiekar. The band disappeared off the scene a while to release the 2009 documentary Fokofpolisiekar, which follows the band's exploits. Thanks to the dynamic                  



The Cape Quarters is in full swing of their Grand (re)Opening this weekend! For those of you that have not been by yet, do yourself a favour. The Cape Quarters piazza has now developed to include a much larger additional courtyard, housing more of the finest. Beautiful boutique stores, five star confectionaries and naturally, many additions to their already boastful resume` of fine dining.  In celebration of this exquisite addition to sophisticated (and still delightfully debaucherous) De Waterkant, the Cape Quarters opens its doors onto a festivity in the square, this weekend. After a full day of the Cape Quarters Food and Brandy Festival (which continues in the sunshine of Saturday), the fermented crowd will fabulously