Constantia Food & Wine Festival


We do love our food and wine festivals down here in the Cape - they are the perfect excuse to experience a whole variety of tastes and flavours, all condensed in one place. Which is maybe another reason we love such festivals: we're often a bit too laid back to go out and visit each restaurant or winery. The Constantia Food & Wine Festival is back, taking place between Friday 4 and Sunday 6 May 2012 at the Constantia Uitsig Cricket Oval. Which is also convenient for those who don't like travelling too far out of Cape Town. This popular annual event showcases over 40 of the finest wines and delicious food from the valley's award-winning restaurants. Organisers promise that visitors will be treated to                  

Eating Out

Deli Express


For those of us that reside on the 'burbs side of the mountain, we occasionally feel cheated of the abundant trendy little bistros and food-stops that one stumbles into so frequently in town. While I love the picket-fence-school-bell atmosphere, I do often catch the city-bowl-itis and drive into town just for the sake of seeing and doing something different - and perhaps being in a place where the average customer does not tick either the "soccer mom" or "geriatric" box. Luckily though, as the Mother City does, the Southern Suburbs are rejuvenating and thanks to places like The Kitchen, The Bromwell and The Old Biscuit Mill (which started it all), what was industrial Woodstock/Salt River (I'm never really sure of the                  

Eating Out

Taste of Cape Town


For those who autopilot to the golden arches after work, or can't remember when last they consumed a microwave-free meal, it's time to up the steaks ;) In a city that's home to award-winning chefs and internationally acclaimed restaurants, there's no good reason for "just add milk"- eating. This year's Taste of Cape Town festival promises to be a walk-through wonder-lust of tastes,textures and smells. The food festival version of Broadway - boasting big-name chefs, the best restaurants and some wildly good wines. Taste's menu features delicious dishes from Le Quartier Francaise, Bread and Wine, The Cape Colony, Nobu, Bistro1682, Wang Thai, Grande Provence, Societi Bistro, Myoga,