Die Antwoord

Yolandi Vi$$er and Ninja

With no pretenses about the conviction of their message, self-named group, Die Antwoord, is an Afrikaans translation of "the answer". As of February, this fresh South African act has been "taking over the interweb". Their Enter The Ninjamusic video went web and kicked up more bandwith fuss than anything our sweet sovereign SA has seen before - making Die Antwoord a viral phenomenon so seductive that it temporarily disabled South African host Hetzner, before being taken on by the big boys at Google. With fan followings based ontwitter, myspace or facebook, and Youtube as their broadcast medium, Die Antwoord has harnessed all the heat of online campaigning to become one of South Africa's most distinct popular culture                  


P.H.Fat and Playdoe LIVE!!!


The discotheque series, presented at Assembly, has done nothing to disappoint. Tonight they bring us two of South Africa's most deliciously high-rising, local acts - Playdoe and P.H.Fat. Both dreamteams have exploded onto the South African music scene by pioneering their amalgam genres. Playdoe's name says it - a malleable genre, a fluid sound and a playful live act that is almost evangelical about, "it's that beat". Playdoe consists of Sibot - the genius that brought you Max Normal, Constructus, Closet Snare, Knights of the Round and Real Estate Agents - while Spoek supplies the god-step and the man purse. They've toured Europe and played with the calibre of Anti Pop Consortium, DJ Krush, DJ                  

Wine & Wineries

South African Wine Course


Are you tired of having dinner with your snootier glass-twirling, wine-snorting friends - and wondering how it is that the opinion of  a person gargling wine in public, can be considered so solemnly? If like me, you are well fed-up with going out to dine with someone that assumes you can't choose the wine (because, perhaps you can't), then this course if for you.   The Cape Wine Academy now offers an introductory course on South African wines. The course covers wines styles, cause and effect tasting, vineyard practices and wine-making. All classes are given by respected experts- viticulturists, wine-makers, and those actively involved in the grape-growing business. Whether you're a hobbyist, or someone