Construction of A Woman


This project ‘Construction of a Woman’ is all about how women get portrayed in today’s society. I decided to  take it a step further, look at it in a different aspect with a bit of edginess to it. What I found fitting to that criteria was ‘Construction of a Woman and her Nationality’. I then carefully selected four individuals, that differentiated in origin. With their nativity in mind, I came across the concept of painting their flags onto their faces. My project combines Fashion and Art, which the different girls depicted differently. Plus the theme of this project couldn't have been more perfect, as the World Cup is around the corner.                  

Out of Town

South Africa’s brand well and truly “on the ball” around the World


So, where do you come from eh? I am from South Africa - do you know it? Aaaah YES! Football 2010! And that seems to be the standard answer in many places around the world. Talk about Brand Recognition! These pictures were taken in Beirut, and on outdoor billboards stretching accross the length and breadth of the Country. The outdoor Billboard market is huge, as are the signs themselves!                  


Cape Town included in Forbes’ list of the “World’s Most Beautiful Cities”.

Cape Town Tourism has just published the following article: "Popular website has published a list of the “World’s Most Beautiful Cities” for this year, and Cape Town has been included along with cities such as Paris, Vancouver, Sydney, Florence, Venice and London. Forbes' website states: “Since beauty is subjective, we surveyed city specialists from a range of fields, including urban planning, architecture and sustainable development.” According to the website, Raymond Levitt, director of the construction program in civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University, who was one of the judges, said that “open spaces” were what made Cape Town special. “Renowned English sea navigator Sir Francis Drake                  

Networking Events

Jobs: Soccer World Cup 2010

Our client, a contracted operator for FIFA World Cup 2010 has over 500 jobs available for the duration of the Soccer World Cup. Our company has been contracted to recruit full time contract employees for these positions. Vacancies range from supervisory, hospitality, logistics, supporting staff and hostesses. The contract will run for the duration of the 2010 Soccer World Cup. We are specifically targeting students in the travel & tourism field. If you are interested kindly forward your details to We will contact you.                  

About Cape Town

200 days to go!

On Sunday, 22 November it will be 200 days to the 2010 Soccer World Cup kick off. Capetonians are being invited to learn their official 2010 dance - called the "Diski Dance" at the V&A Waterfront, Amphitheatre starting at 2pm on Sunday. To see what this dance is all about, see 17 on Loader Guest House will be there to learn the new moves!                  


17 on Loader Guest House in de Waterkant launches it’s Official 2010 logo.


In the spirit of true sportsmanship, 17 on Loader Guest House has decided to take this 2010 Soccer World Cup thingy seriously - and by doing so, has decided to create it's very own Official 2010 logo. Now we are challenging all our fellow accommodation establishment colleagues, be they Hotels, Guest Houses, Self Catering units or whatever other type you can think of - in de Waterkant or anywhere else in Cape Town - to come up with their very own logo as well. Let's have a showdown, and a contest to see who will win! Talking of winning.... Here's a few nights of accommodation at 17 on Loader Guest House up for grabs: Come up with THE BEST wording for our official 2010 T-shirt - and you could be in one of our beds in                  

Night Life

Out about (Cape) Town


The Summer itch has set in, and suddenly Cape Town's Sunday crowds have abandoned Asoka's cosy wooded warmth for Caprice's Camps Bay sunshine life. It's about this time of year that we notice clubs have popped up, things have started happening, and the old ladies screaming at us that "that is not a legitimate parking space", now unfortunately get to do it from out of doors.  From 17onLoader's gorgeous De Waterkant-view deck, we've seen things happening down there and we know what's new. The gorgeous Greenpoint Stadium has invaded our skyline...   The Cape Quarters have renovated and, this week, celebrate their Grand Re-Opening (More to follow...), And in addition, ear                  

About Cape Town

How does Green Point Stadium match up?

Manchester United

Over the past week I have been fortunate enough to visit two of Europe's greatest football clubs, namely Manchester United and Camp Nou, Barcelona. I though it may be fun to share some pictures to compare them to our very own Green Point Stadium: This picture of Green Point Stadium was taken on 29th August, 2009. Some interesting statistics: Seating capacities - Manchester United: 76 212 Camp Nou, Barcelona: 98 787 Green Point Stadium: 68 000 What struck me about both Camp Nou and Manchester United is the HUGE Mega stores selling all merchandise soccer related, ranging from footballs, shirts, and shoes, to baby booties, coffee mugs, dog blankets and cat collars!!!! Will Green Point Stadium be following                  

About Cape Town

What the 2010 Green Point Soccer Stadium looks like now!


17 on Loader Guest House is keeping a watchful eye on progress at the Green Point 2010 Soccer Stadium. With less than 128 days to the final draw and less than 11 months till the first game is played, we are led to believe that our stadium is on track. Of course this picture (taken from Signal Hill ) cannot confirm this, but we would hazard a guess that all is well and within the prescribed time allocations. .... (Thanks for the pic L-W).. The fact that astronomical prices are being asked for accommodation doesn't sit well. Are we in this to make a quick buck, or the long haul to encourage tourists to our shores long after the final whistle has blown? Hopefully common sense will prevail. Keep well and take care! All @ 17