Summer Swing

Summer Swing at Alba Lounge





The highly anticipated women’s clothing store, Alessia has now opened in the Piazza Da Luz centre in Sea Point. With its graceful lines and elegant lighting Alessia provides an intimate space to browse the latest fashion offerings from all over the world. This classy boutique caters to every fashionista’s dream and is set to be the place to get that unique party dress or outfit. [ad#for-cape-town-shoppers] Alessia Boutique exudes exclusivity as most styles are kept to a minimum quantity and are sourced from Europe, America and Brazil. Even though the designer pieces are imported in the most sought after sizes, Alessia provides something for everyone with prices ranging from R400 for elegant tops, blouses and slips to                  


Design, Art and Sales


The Christmas season brings that feeling of looming budget-stretching. Eat out everyday, party cares away - that's how Cape Town does the silly season and, we admit, keeping up can be a strain. Luckily, a selection of lady Cape Town's artists and designers, have brought us empathetic solutions to the seasonal strain. Start off the morning with a Garage Sale. Nope, not used jockstraps and one-eyed teddy bears, this Garage Sale is only a Garage Sale by location. Swinging into the sunshine with lemonade and pancakes as of 10AM, Cape Town artists (including our infamous Faith47) commune to show their wares tomorrow (16th Decmber), in a goods-filled garage. The rendezvous point is Eldorado Garages, 3 Military Rd, Tamboerskloof                  



Cape Town Shopping

Some regard Johannesburg as South Africa’s shopping capital but Cape Town is the supermall of boutique and specialist street-side stores. Here, our top ten hidden-est Cape Town stores: 1. Shelflife streetwear, Loop Street, stocks top of range, rare designs from Adidas, Nike and Reebok to name a few. Highlights are sick, detailed kicks, artfully putting the “I” back into sneaker desIgn. If hard-to-find items ,from top of range street/sport design houses is your things, also check out a store in Claremont and Kloof Street. 2. The Lot, also Vineyard Sreet, Claremont and Kloof Street, is one of few stores that does unisex and does it well. Current supply sticks to trends of flat peaks in highlighter shades, colourfully                  

Night Life

Friday Night Fever

For the working men and women: Time to unwind - head to Relish for a drink. The name perfectly describes its bite-size delicacies and, on a Friday, the bar is always bustling with twenty-somethings and up. HQ is newly opened as is already causing a stir. The venue is famous for scintillating sirloin and fries, housing South Africa's own home-brewed Jack Black draught. Most importantly, Friday nights at HQ are lit up by Latin lounge and vibrant disco. This venue in a great one-stop shop when it comes to Friday requirements - the after-work drink at the bar, the delicious dinner and the great night out. Kink is the new burlesque-inspired haven for a drink, always full of Friday night party-goers. Meanwhile while The Waiting                  


Very vintage


While “vintage” or “retro” should describe quality-controlled, timeless pieces, reminiscent of only the right bits of an earlier era, this abused euphemism has come to allow things like fully grown women in actual school shoes, or middle ages men’s yellowed rugby jerseys - from back when Moses was playing for the Egyptians. In our family “vintage” is an abused euphemism used to imply value where there simply is none. This means that fathers are trying to pawn off badly fitted, high-waist jeans, while grandmothers are insisting you take their “beautiful collection” of old, unmatched, chipped plates. So if, like me, “vintage” or “retro” are words that make