Check out the Bo-Kaap Food and Craft Market tomorrow.

  The Bo-Kaap Market continues to operate during Ramadaan... Did you know that you can still enjoy the usual traditional foods if you don't fast and if you do, you can take home some delicious treats for "boeka" time?    Samoosas, salomies (curry and roti), koeksisters, milk tart, konfyt, biscuits, cakes and more. Browse around for gifts, jewellery, clothing, knitwear, hand made soaps, dried fruit and nuts, honey, garlic butter, spices, etc.   View old pictures of historic Bo-Kaap or watch Faldilah 'pin a midora', an old tradition of turning a special scarf into a beautiful head gear. The ever popular food demo will take place at 12:00.    Contact: 0214243736 or                  

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Zumba® Free Demo Class


  ZUMBA® FREE DEMO CLASS     Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.   The 30 minute FREE Demo Class will give you a taste of what Zumba® fitness is all about.    Regular Zumba Members are welcome to this event!   JOIN THE PARTY™    ENTRY:   FREE   WHEN:   Wednesday, 2nd February 2011   WHERE:  TAKEDOWN MMA  89 Main Road Diep                  


Cape Quarters’ Grand Opening

For those of you who have been above ground recently, you will know that the Cape Quarters has been renovating. Already a destination of the most gourmet, five star experiences per meter, the Cape Quarters has extended, and opened the doors onto, its lavish lifestyle of the piazza. As of last weekend they have been celebrating their Grand Opening!  The Cape Quarters has gone from being a fine dining courtyard, to a creative epi-centre dedicated to the good life(style). The Cape Quarters now includes a variety of boutique stores, salons, a gym and the first gourmet Spar. The facade has been retained, but the magic of the Cape Quarters now spills onto Somerset Road, adding to its sidewalk charm.  So far this has                  

Eating Out

Divine De Waterkant: Buena Vista!


image courtesy of Spitting distance ( but don't try it) from 17 on Loader guesthouse and straight off of the Somerset Road sidewalk, through a dimly lit corridor and up the staircase - the muffled sounds of chatter and salsa, with heady aromas of good cigars and the fine food of the Americas, engages your autopilot right up the steps to Buena Vista Social Cafe`. Buena Vista, meaning good view, bejewels Somerset Road - the good view now enhanced by the lights of Greenpoint Stadium at night. Image © Joanne 2009 There is an understated grandeur and seduction about the well-worn wood and wicker chairs,heavy, tactile tapestries, dimly-lit, smoky air (of the smoking area) and flirtatious Latino                  

Night Life

A winter welcome with What’s The Deal

“What’s the deal?” - a phrase popularized by the, perhaps less-well-to-do of, Cape Town’s youth. A derivative of better-known phrases such as, “what’s going on”, “what’s happening”, or “what’s the story”. So what is the story? It’s June and Global Warming has kept weather, and hence our general outlook on life, tolerable so far… but we know what’s coming. Pedestrian grandmothers plummeting over zealously into coats, scarves and gumboots are evidence of the imminent, wintry doom that everyone seems to be anticipating. But keep chipper, because in the Mother City there are always ups to winter: 1. In winter, solo, indoor hermit-ing appears far more forgivable. 2. The wonderful excuse of “flu” is at hand when it comes to bunking