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‘Place In The Sun’ Wine Sponsors Novel Road Trip.

Roger Wynne-Dyke

      One of South Africa’s newest global wine brands, Place in the Sun, is partnering with the EXPEDITION Project, a highly innovative social and environmental campaign developed to inspire sustainable change across South Africa.  The easy-going, generous-spirited wine brand launched internationally last year is the lead sponsor of the project conceived by Capetonian social activist Roger Wynne-Dyke. The year-long initiative, which essentially involves a road trip around the perimeter of South Africa, visiting 200 towns in 365 days, is documenting the challenges and opportunities affecting the communities it encounters, with a view to helping in developing practical and relevant solutions. The                  

Out of Town

The EXPEDITION Project 2012.

      After 6 months of operational planning and 10 years in the making, one of South Africa’s most ambitious and certainly most pertinent social/environmental campaigns will launch next month. On the 1st January 2012, The EXPEDITION Project will set out to revive and inspire a country, a nation, and a continent.  The 2012 expedition is set to tour the country taking on the ambitious task of visiting 200 towns in 365 days. “We feel that The EXPEDITION Project is happening at a crucial time not only in the history of South Africa, but in the world” says founder, Roger Wynne-Dyke.  He adds, “We chose Cape Town as our departure point for the our expeditions mainly because of its                  

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the EXPEDITION Project.


    The EXPEDITION Project - a voyage of rediscovery. In the words of the founder, Roger Wynne-Dyke "We aim to reawaken the resolute spirit that is every South African’s birthright. We want to look at old places with new, fresh eyes. This is a journey in search of the nation’s stories, its dreams and its heartbeat. We will stand unflinching before the challenges that the nation faces, and bring hope that inspires action. We will find and celebrate the change makers that are building the future. The EXPEDITION Project’s dream is to create a new way of living and thinking that will enable humanity to create a worthy future for our grandchildren. Its vision is to initiate a renaissance that