Eating Out

Real Restaurant Revelations: 19 minutes, 19 things to try in Cape Town.


Current Cape Town Temperature: 13.6°C. How inconsiderate. Now back in the comfort of my own home after taking on mother nature’s morning elements e.g. Hurricane Katrina the second, I have 19 minutes before I need to be at X Body Fitness for an hour of brutal fitness training with Craig aka. Guy who just makes my body ache. So I though I’d put together a list of 19 things that you simply have to do/eat/see/down in and around Cape Town to kill the time. Here goes, and in no particular order: An ice cold, and I mean freezing, beer atop the deck at the Red Herring Trading Post in Noordhoek (recommendable only on days where the temperature exceeds 25°C, otherwise you’ll just have a kak time.). A drive                  

Eating Out



    Capetonians are in for Real Treats in the coming months/years/decades! KrisA has bounced onto the scene with his innovative; quircky and seriously enjoyable take on the Cape Town Restaurant scene. Appropriately named "RealRestaurantRevelations" or RRR for short, we figure this man is going places (and not just to review Restaurants). (And he's also pretty yummy himself - n'est-ce pas? ....) What'sUpCapeTown has decided to give KrisA his very own "slice of our pie" - and in the future we'll profile his blogs on our site under the banner  "What's Up with RRR". To kick off, we've taken the absolute bloody liberty of posting one of the first entries on                  

Eating Out

Sushi and Chinese please!


It's Friday! And given that we're on the precipice of a weekend, this post should come as divine enlightenment... On a very merry excursion to all sorts of central city venues for debauchery, jollity and merriment, we found ourselves quite under the weather/influence on the taxi trip home. Doing the route back to le loov-leh 17 on Loader (Cape Town's chic bed and breakfast in De Waterkant), the heavens opened and revealed a luminous red sign, on Seapoint Main Road, reading - "Xiang Yuan". With the excitement of teenage girls at the mall, we begged the cab driver to pull over and poured in to Xiang Yuan. Now my love of  the place may seem ridiculously evangelical but, given that the time was almost