Win luxury accommodation, great nosh, and a R 2 500.00 camera voucher!


We have been overwhelmed by the response from local businesses who have thrown their weight and support behind our very own "local is lekker" contestant Liam Kelly. We wrote an article earlier this weekend about What'sUp with Liam - THE CapeTonian set to take the world by storm. Here's what we had to say: Liam Kelly – a CapeTonian with a mission – is set to go places –Literally! Having recently entered into the STA Travel World Explorer Competition, Liam is down to the wire having just been selected as one of the top 5 of over 4000 applicants countrywide. What’sUp has the utmost faith that our readers are going to ensure that winning this one is pretty much “in the bag” (which is already packed!). So What’sUp for grabs you may                  

Eating Out

Intimate Evening of Nylon String Stories tonight @ Rcaffe

    A kaleidoscope of original and cover nylon string guitar stories: Instrumental pieces ranging from Spanish, Classical, Jazz, African to Bossa Nova. A cosy evening filled with clarity and precision of the guitar sound will be performed by Nir Hermelin, a recent finalist of the Cape Town 2011 Classical Guitar competition. 8pm this wednesday at Rcaffe in Long Street. Entry is R65, booking online. Nir Hermelin's six years of classical                  

Coffee & Roasteries

Coffee – Cape Town – “Rcaffe”

R'caffe 012

Stumbling down Long Street early one morning last week, I was in dire need of a good caffeine fix - ahead of meeting up with my lawyer - which as you know, is often not the most pleasant thing to do at any time of the day, let alone when all good citizens should still be safely ensconced in their pits and in the arms of Morpheus... However, I digress, "Rcaffe" (I am told it is pronounced “aar – café) is a real gem and a great find, right in the heart of good old Cape Town! (For those who can remember that far back, it is where the old "Yellow Pepper Deli" was situated). And - it's in Long Street close to The High Court and Huguenot Chambers (why the reminder of all things legal I ask                  

Coffee & Roasteries

Coffee in Cape Town

Coffee in Cape Town

Four years in, I’ve realized that living in Cape Town is like being the popular kid in high school: you know about every big and backdoor party going on the in the city and you’re invited to all of them.So we’re bringing you the keys to the kingdom – every hotspot not included in travel guides and Cape Town tours, every sultry secret you may be missing out on in The Mothercity. Let’s start with the caffeine culture, because coffee dates should be about more than just the coffee… Crespella, in Observatory, is the cosy hide-out of an award-winning crepe. This intimate, bohemian venue of absurdly reasonable prices, boasts my favourite Nutella, banana and crème crepe and the service of so endearing a shopkeeper, that you feel like