Cape Town Shopping

Some regard Johannesburg as South Africa’s shopping capital but Cape Town is the supermall of boutique and specialist street-side stores. Here, our top ten hidden-est Cape Town stores: 1. Shelflife streetwear, Loop Street, stocks top of range, rare designs from Adidas, Nike and Reebok to name a few. Highlights are sick, detailed kicks, artfully putting the “I” back into sneaker desIgn. If hard-to-find items ,from top of range street/sport design houses is your things, also check out a store in Claremont and Kloof Street. 2. The Lot, also Vineyard Sreet, Claremont and Kloof Street, is one of few stores that does unisex and does it well. Current supply sticks to trends of flat peaks in highlighter shades, colourfully