Eating Out

Sushi and Chinese please!


It's Friday! And given that we're on the precipice of a weekend, this post should come as divine enlightenment... On a very merry excursion to all sorts of central city venues for debauchery, jollity and merriment, we found ourselves quite under the weather/influence on the taxi trip home. Doing the route back to le loov-leh 17 on Loader (Cape Town's chic bed and breakfast in De Waterkant), the heavens opened and revealed a luminous red sign, on Seapoint Main Road, reading - "Xiang Yuan". With the excitement of teenage girls at the mall, we begged the cab driver to pull over and poured in to Xiang Yuan. Now my love of  the place may seem ridiculously evangelical but, given that the time was almost                  


Cape Town Cocktails


The recent heat has harnessed all sorts of memories of vacation and laid-back laziness, and for those of us resenting nine-to-fives, we need to snatch up snippets of holiday time where we can. So in the city where the sun is setting at around 8PM, what better way to surrender the day than with sundowners? After hours of "dedicated research" (courtesy of Boozy-Floozy's-R-US)- a (subjective) compilation of Cape Town's best cocktails...    1. The wild berry brumble at Beluga. Vodka, vanilla, sirop de gomme, berries and lime muddled over crushed ice and served on Sundays at half-price with half-price, prime sushi, in Beluga's upmarket but comfortable venue. 2. The mojito slush. It's                  

Eating Out

Divine De Waterkant: Buena Vista!


image courtesy of Spitting distance ( but don't try it) from 17 on Loader guesthouse and straight off of the Somerset Road sidewalk, through a dimly lit corridor and up the staircase - the muffled sounds of chatter and salsa, with heady aromas of good cigars and the fine food of the Americas, engages your autopilot right up the steps to Buena Vista Social Cafe`. Buena Vista, meaning good view, bejewels Somerset Road - the good view now enhanced by the lights of Greenpoint Stadium at night. Image © Joanne 2009 There is an understated grandeur and seduction about the well-worn wood and wicker chairs,heavy, tactile tapestries, dimly-lit, smoky air (of the smoking area) and flirtatious Latino                  


Alternative Friday Night


Friday night is Discotheque at The Assembly, Harrington Street! If you’re tired of popped collars and white leather shoes, set aside a night with the misfits and make your way to Assembly and Evol. Assembly is Cape Town’s premium live gig venue has now developed a new room for its Discotheque Friday. Think bright lights, buzz and bass. Tonight’s Sweat X is a pairing of the electro wizard, Marcus Wormstorm (internationally signed music-maker and member of the infamous blackheart gang animation studio) and top class hip-hop/rap maestro MC Spoek Mathambo. The Assembly has a great laid-back vibe, is seated just outside city center and promises to kick off the weekend well. Just around the corner is Evol –                  

Night Life

Thursday nights in Cape Town

Tonight’s tangibly pulsating nightlife will testify to a long-standing, unspoken tradition, that I blame on influence of the winelands, – beginning the weekend on Thursdays. When it comes to the weekend, the Western Cape is as preemptive as Bush with a pocketful of nukes. For those of you that haven’t been, swank and swagger is what you’ll find at Hemisphere. On the 31st floor, set overlooking the cityscape, filled with those dressed to impress, the view is striking inside and out. Fully stocked with drink specials, great blends of R&B, house, electro and hip-hop, as well as all the VIP bells and whistles, this one comes highly recommended. If cleaning up the act is not in the cards and you’d                  

Eating Out



Summertime is around the corner and it’s time for a well-balanced diet. We recommend carrot cake, pumpkin pies, tomato tarts and almond croissants, and furthermore, where best to find them… For sweethearts with a sweet tooth and late night cravings, Limnos bakery, Claremont, is a slice of rapture - lush interiors, amidst heady aromas of buttery cinnamon, cocoa and roasting coffee beans. Their cakes look as delectable as they taste and their marbled chocolate cheesecake left us in a state of childlike wonderment. Although also superb in the sun, Limnos Claremont uniquely and perfectly succeeds in creating an enchanting, evening bakery experience. Taking pastries to new levels of opulence, is The One and