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Offset your Carbon Footprint with South African Solution – Spekboom!

Spekboom in Flower - image courtesy of The Nomad Africa Trust

Help us create tomorrow’s environment. Offset your Carbon Footprint with South African Solution - Spekboom! What is your Carbon Footprint all about? A carbon footprint is "the total set of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, an event (such as travelling) or a product.” Carbon Dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gasses responsible for global warming. To help combat this The Nomad African Trust has developed the Spekboom Carbon Offset project to allow travelers to offset the carbon that is created during their African Holiday. During photosynthesis carbon is absorbed from the atmosphere, reducing the unnaturally high levels that mankind has caused. The planting of trees and vegetation is a                  

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17 on Loader recognises the need for social responsibility, especially in South Africa. We all share this planet, and as individuals, each of us needs to do our bit to make sure that there is future for our children's children. There are many organisations out there trying to create a better world for us all. Among them in the Nomad African Trust, a Cape Town based Public Benefit Organisation (PBO: 930029752) that was founded in April 2008 and is a registered tax exempt institution. The Trust focuses it’s energies on Southern Africa and has a three pronged approach due to our belief that it is impossible to separate the well being of the people, places and animals from one another. You can assist us in making this vision a