Art Scene

11 Days of AMAZ!NG!

2012 National Arts Festival Grahamstown

South Africa’s coolest cultural event of the year is around the corner! The Art world has experienced some craziness this past month with The Spear to a Guy who exhibited his cat as a helicopter. Based on above, are you waiting with bated breath and ANTiSiPPPPPPPaaaaaation to see what this years Arts Fest has to offer? Well you name it, Grahamstown has it! Film, Public Art, Performance Art, Street Theatre, Dance, Comedy, Family Theatre, Cabaret, Physical Theatre, Folk Music, Story Telling, Music… The list is endless… It truly is the be-all and end-all of South African Art scene – When Grahamstown comes alive for eleven days of outstanding Arts and Culture on the 28th of June till July 8th 2012. The