New Johnny Neon music video

Johnny Neon music video

In March, we brought you the great story of how a music video featuring a dog wearing a camera went viral, and how the creative people behind it came up with the novel concept. Well, the same creative crowd have now put their talents together to create a new music video for synth-pop band Johnny Neon. The video, which is directed by James Westcott, was shot over the period of a few months and will resonate with anyone who's ever had to do any sort of corporate team building exercise. "We got some shady corporate location out in Muizenberg and didn't brief the actors, so it was all just ad lib, and then we edited these experiences together into a corporate team building day out maybe set in some timeless era but                  


Jack Parow

Dans Dans Dans music video out soon

Referred to as "Bob Dylan of the northern suburbs", "pirate of the caravan park" and "an Afrikaans Eminem", Zander Tyler is more popularly known for his on-stage persona as Jack Parow - one of South Africa's most prominent popular culture icons. As "Cooler as Ekke"has monopolized African airwaves, Afrikaans, Mothercity-made Jack Parow, has become one of South Africa's local loves. At the early end of the decade, musical movements that tore Afrikaans music apart from religious zeal, resulted in the Belville Rock city phenomena - and so spawned bands the likes of Fokofpolisiekar,aKing, and Van Coke Kartel. So while Afrikaans music was once ripe with religious evangelism, the noughties saw it slowly became synonymous with                  


Die Antwoord

Yolandi Vi$$er and Ninja

With no pretenses about the conviction of their message, self-named group, Die Antwoord, is an Afrikaans translation of "the answer". As of February, this fresh South African act has been "taking over the interweb". Their Enter The Ninjamusic video went web and kicked up more bandwith fuss than anything our sweet sovereign SA has seen before - making Die Antwoord a viral phenomenon so seductive that it temporarily disabled South African host Hetzner, before being taken on by the big boys at Google. With fan followings based ontwitter, myspace or facebook, and Youtube as their broadcast medium, Die Antwoord has harnessed all the heat of online campaigning to become one of South Africa's most distinct popular culture