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Everyone has been on at least one terrible date. If at this point you are thinking to yourself, “No, not me”, perhaps you are unwaveringly optimistic, perhaps you have flexible expectations, or perhaps you are downright nauseatingly lucky. For the rest of us (who can relate to horror stories of small-talk that led to “I only listen to heavy metal bangra”, or the maniac that asked to see your feet on the first date), we understand how a terrible choice of place can ruthlessly catalyze an already souring date. Luckily for you though, the Mothercity is nurturing when it comes to romance. The rain and winter breeze encourage opportunists to venture in closer, under the guise of consideration and warmth. From Gugulethu to Camps                  


Cape Town’s sexiest new beach club

Shimmy Beach Club

Cape Town’s hottest new swanky beach club has arrived, elevating the Mother City to a completely cosmopolitan and international lifestyle level. The beach club has a suave appeal attracting the heights of society, the rich and famous and even locals that enjoy the taste of the good life. The brainchild of Cape Town businessman Shawn Mace and resident chef, Seelan Sundoo, the vision for the club was based on a variety of glamorous entertainment hot-spots around the world. “We wanted to create a proper world-class destination in Cape Town. The city is now ready for a place like this,” said Mace Whether you arrive by car, helicopter or boat, it will soon become apparent why Shimmy Beach Club is Cape Town’s newest, premier                  


the Mother City that we all love.

fisheye girl

Breathtaking views of our beautiful Mother City from the top of Signal Hill on a warm summer night.                  

Eating Out

Bizerca Bistro


For those of you that haven't yet - GO. I was out on a first dinner date, expecting the discomfort of a swanky place and what I got instead was Bizerca - in the words of Deslandes himself, "It’s not fancy French dining, which can be stuffy and intimidating, but true bistro style, which is relaxed without compromising on quality". Award-winning Australian chef Laurent Deslandes. Although it should go without saying, it seldom is the case that a restaurant's real show-stopper is what it serves - but such can be said of Bizerca. really was the food. Bizerca, encapsulates what a fine dining experience should be - An EXPERIENCE. The set menu changes bi-monthly, while a chalkboard denotes the delicacies of the                  

Eating Out


L'Aperitivo Opening Sep 22 2009 145 (Small)

After a good Googling about I am proud to say that, to my knowledge, we are the first to review Cape Town's new glorious bistro - L'APERITIVO! This sunshiney cafe/bistro is newly opened on Loop Street, down near Hout Street and Colour Red. We recently ventured there seeking what would have been a quick cup of coffee ... until I set eyes on the waiter - which I recommend as a pick me-up for anyone who has been feeling less pot-of-gold-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow lately. Let's just say that, aesthetically, the service would have received a ten. In any case, the service was remarkable - amiable and attentive, without the mistake of being annoyingly omnipresent. Once graced with the cocktail menu, any foolish pretense of                  

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Cures for the crunch and partying penniless (well, nearly)


Cynical conspirators argue that the recession is just another lie from "the man", and in truth, traipsing through Cavendish Center in the middle of a weekday could get you thinking that perhaps they have a point. Having walked straight out of student-ville into an apparent recession, counting out five cent coins for airtime, or returning coke bottles in order to purchase my popcorn staple, is nothing unusual. Still, I admit that extra electricity, food and woolens, worsens winter finances somewhat. I battle with the self-inflicted torture of window-shopping, or the notion that social resuscitation is not a good enough reason to dip into the emergency fund. More to the point, in this economic climate, starving artists are out of