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    DURBANVILLE HILLS RECEIVES GOLD ACROSS WINE RANGE Durbanville Hills Wines received three gold medals across its three wine ranges at the 15th annual Michelangelo International Wine Awards. A panel of international judges bestowed these on the 2011 Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc, the 2008 Rhinofields Merlot and the 2008 Caapmans Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot blend. The 2011 Durbanville Hills Merlot Rosé, 2009 Rhinofields Chardonnay and 2009 Rhinofields Outer Valley Sauvignon Blanc received silver. Cellar master Martin Moore said he was delighted with the result especially as each of the three gold awards went to a different range. “Since our first vintage in 1999 we’ve extended our                  


Wine and… well, whine!

Every time I head off East in the search for grape, I encounter the Whine Route – but that's only because our heads ache the next morning. We typically start at Groot Constantia because of their fabulous Pinotage and reasonable wine-tasting prices. The complimentary glasses are a plus and are useful between vineyards as well. (I recall there was once a waitron at the Spier winefarm who can't have been more than seventeen, but very well-trained. We questioned him about wine: when's the best time to pluck, how one must press his grapes lightly for a rosy glow. Is age ever a factor? He said that their Merlot went best with a good piece of meat – rare, very rare; so we had rump. His name's Jesse; tell him we sent you). Constantia is                  

Eating Out

A great 21st birthday in Cape Town

Friday was the 21st birthday of my friend Thomas : - The last step into the adult world which has to be memorable. Thanks to Dirk who took us under his arm and showed us all the hot spots in Cape Town. We started by having a cocktail at “Carne” followed by an unbelievable meal there. It is an Italian modern restaurant on the street in the old building of the Law Chambers. They offer all sorts of starters like Carpaccio, ravioli, tartars but all very light so you can still have some room for the fantastic peace of meat that you have chosen has a main. When you order a lovely waitress comes to the table with a plate full of different pieces and explains to you what they are, and