The End is Nigh…and 12 more Big Issues for 2012 – with plenty to WIN!

    The Big Issue has pulled out all the stops for its first edition for 2012 with a tongue-in-cheek Mayan calendar cover playing on the end of the world hype and depicting 12 other Big Issues SA faces in 2012. “Amid all the ‘end cometh’ prophecies, we thought we’d have some fun by commissioning cartoonist Gavin Thomson to illustrate a Mayan calendar cover with a South African twist,” said Melany Bendix, editor of The Big Issue. “This is a unique and quirky cover that is sure to have readers spinning it around and around to find all the 12 big issues we predict will be the most predominant in SA during 2012.” The 12 Big Issues are also laid out in black and white inside the