Eating Out

Deli Express


For those of us that reside on the 'burbs side of the mountain, we occasionally feel cheated of the abundant trendy little bistros and food-stops that one stumbles into so frequently in town. While I love the picket-fence-school-bell atmosphere, I do often catch the city-bowl-itis and drive into town just for the sake of seeing and doing something different - and perhaps being in a place where the average customer does not tick either the "soccer mom" or "geriatric" box. Luckily though, as the Mother City does, the Southern Suburbs are rejuvenating and thanks to places like The Kitchen, The Bromwell and The Old Biscuit Mill (which started it all), what was industrial Woodstock/Salt River (I'm never really sure of the                  

Eating Out

Bizerca Bistro


For those of you that haven't yet - GO. I was out on a first dinner date, expecting the discomfort of a swanky place and what I got instead was Bizerca - in the words of Deslandes himself, "It’s not fancy French dining, which can be stuffy and intimidating, but true bistro style, which is relaxed without compromising on quality". Award-winning Australian chef Laurent Deslandes. Although it should go without saying, it seldom is the case that a restaurant's real show-stopper is what it serves - but such can be said of Bizerca. really was the food. Bizerca, encapsulates what a fine dining experience should be - An EXPERIENCE. The set menu changes bi-monthly, while a chalkboard denotes the delicacies of the                  

Eating Out



Summertime is around the corner and it’s time for a well-balanced diet. We recommend carrot cake, pumpkin pies, tomato tarts and almond croissants, and furthermore, where best to find them… For sweethearts with a sweet tooth and late night cravings, Limnos bakery, Claremont, is a slice of rapture - lush interiors, amidst heady aromas of buttery cinnamon, cocoa and roasting coffee beans. Their cakes look as delectable as they taste and their marbled chocolate cheesecake left us in a state of childlike wonderment. Although also superb in the sun, Limnos Claremont uniquely and perfectly succeeds in creating an enchanting, evening bakery experience. Taking pastries to new levels of opulence, is The One and