Only On A Sunday Market

Zula Sound Bar Market Only on A Sunday Market

Long Street is usually bustling with people, activity and non-stop entertainment - except on a Sunday. Although it may loose that chaotic-crazy energy it transforms into something very different and yet lovely in it’s own right. Laura Ronchi noticed this void and launched at the opportunity to create Cape Town’s newest, freshest and vibrant indoor Sunday market. Only On A Sunday… Located in the stunning Zula, Sound Bar building on Long Street the interior possesses that old–worldly charm dating back to the 1800’s. As you weave your way through the different floors and levels expect a delectable variety of art, live entertainment and eclectic stalls offering an abundance of goods ranging from A to Z, retro to modern, collectibles                  

Art Scene



  Starring GINO FABBRI and DONNA AFRICA MONDAYS to SATURDAYS from 31st JANUARY to 12th FEBRUARY 2011 Tickets R85 per person The rubber-faced comedic antics of Gino Fabbri and his 'side-chick' Donna Africa will be introduced to Cape Town audiences for the first time in this comedy review which sets out to prove that madness, like stupidity, is an entirely subjective affair! Described as a cross between Shirley Bassey and Tina Turner, Donna Africa is a talented songstress who lends her spectacular voice to some foot-stomping latest chart toppers between proceedings. 'Sanity' is a word not often associated with Fabbri - or more specifically, with the hair-brained assortment of loony-bin characters with the                  

Coffee & Roasteries

Coffee – Cape Town – “Rcaffe”

R'caffe 012

Stumbling down Long Street early one morning last week, I was in dire need of a good caffeine fix - ahead of meeting up with my lawyer - which as you know, is often not the most pleasant thing to do at any time of the day, let alone when all good citizens should still be safely ensconced in their pits and in the arms of Morpheus... However, I digress, "Rcaffe" (I am told it is pronounced “aar – café) is a real gem and a great find, right in the heart of good old Cape Town! (For those who can remember that far back, it is where the old "Yellow Pepper Deli" was situated). And - it's in Long Street close to The High Court and Huguenot Chambers (why the reminder of all things legal I ask                  

Night Life

Tuesdays are Trouble

Tuesdays are trouble in Cape Town, and here's why... A pre-emptive intervention approach to mid-week stress is on the Mothercity's Tuesday To-Do List. Forget weekends in the culture of the Cape - Tuesdays are a full force party day. For those keen to kick it up to some commercial radio hits with students, lumo-lovers and bachelorette partiers, "Summer of 69" style, the Claremont strip is watering hole of choice.  Claremont favourites include Springboks, Tiger Tiger and  Tin Roof. Tiger Tuesday’s promise free drinks ‘til ten and top of the chart tracks to get you swaying. The plush interiors of this well-designed club allow ample bar space and a sunken, dense dance-floor. Be sure to arrive collared, smart-shoed and on time -                  

Night Life

Long Street- the Litmus test


So its reached the midpoint of the 2010 World Cup with the last game of the first round having been wrapped up yesterday. To say the least the tournament has yielded more than its fair share of excitement and above all good times. If ever their was a tangible measure of the success of the event, the atmosphere in Long Street would be it. Historically the Mother City's oldest and arguably still its most relevant clubbing district, its performance undoubtedly is the true test of 'off the pitch' success. That being said, thus far things have been phenomenal. The exemplary safety blanket provided by the ever so present S.A.P.S who have quite hilariously, adopted the time old 'school field trip' buddy system, and                  

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Vendredi  11  Juin  2010, les vuvuzelas hurlent dans toute la ville, les yeux sont rivés sur la cérémonie d’ouverture de la Coupe du Monde à Johannesburg.  A  quinze heures je me retrouve dans un bar de Long Street à l’ambiance incroyable. Hymnes nationaux du Mexique et des Bafana, émotions. La rencontre se termine sur un match nul 1-1, mais le spectacle  et la volonté y était du côté des Bafana. Dix neuf heures, nous nous rapprochons du stade de Green Point pour la rencontre France – Uruguay. Encore une fois, on ne s’entend même plus parler tellement les vuvuzelas vrombissent dans l’enceinte tels                  


Cape Town Cocktails


The recent heat has harnessed all sorts of memories of vacation and laid-back laziness, and for those of us resenting nine-to-fives, we need to snatch up snippets of holiday time where we can. So in the city where the sun is setting at around 8PM, what better way to surrender the day than with sundowners? After hours of "dedicated research" (courtesy of Boozy-Floozy's-R-US)- a (subjective) compilation of Cape Town's best cocktails...    1. The wild berry brumble at Beluga. Vodka, vanilla, sirop de gomme, berries and lime muddled over crushed ice and served on Sundays at half-price with half-price, prime sushi, in Beluga's upmarket but comfortable venue. 2. The mojito slush. It's                  

Art Scene

Fifa Fever at iArt Gallery


For those of you who were at Friday night's big draw, you are well-versed in that sky-high, tangible hum that has hit the city since. Big banners screaming "Cape Town is Ready" and soccer themed street art, that seemed like cheesy overkill last week, have somehow become resonating illustrations of the South African cultural climate this week. In the spirit of Fifa Fever, iArt Gallery has collaborated with South African publishing powerhouse - David Krut - to bring an inspired exhibition of the Official Art Posters for 2010.  The artist line-up includes big names like William Kentridge and Marlene Dumas, doing their part for the love of the game. This exhibition is only on for another two days (until the                  

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Final Draw Fever


It's Friday and Final Draw Fever is about to set in! At exactly 12h00 today the festivities begin in the city center. Long Street will be the eye of the fan fest storm - expect singers, stilt-walkers and (true to South Africa) some free shows from surprising sidewalk talent. Loads of people have been planning their escape from the 2010 mayhem, but what they haven't kept in mind is that, aside from the soccer, South Africa really knows how to party. I'm anticipating that tonight will put patriotism into perspective, as South African gets its first chance to dance on the world stage. In the spirit of inclusion and diversity the festival is free entry and the line-up is jam-packed with  South African flavour - highlights                  

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Cape Town gears up for 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Final Draw.

We have received the following communique from Cape Town Tourism, which we believe to be in the interest of all: "The 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Final Draw, which will determine where and against whom the 32 qualified teams will be playing in next year’s 2010 FIFA World Cup™ soccer tournament, takes place on December 4, 2009 from 19h00 to 20h30 in front of some 3 000 international guests at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). It will be broadcast live to an estimated audience of 150-million viewers in 200 countries. According to the City of Cape Town, FIFA executives, celebrities, members of the international media and representatives of each of the 32 qualifying teams will attend the event,