Havana Club Rum, Discotheque & Dogbox presents LE CASTLE VANIA (USA) at The Assembly

Le Castle Vania at The Assembly

Its the weekend, which means its time to kick loose and get into the groove. 17 on Loader guesthouse has found the perfect way to get the party started on Friday night in Cape Town! Havana Club Rum & Discotheque present Le Castle Vania (USA) at The Assembly on Friday 27th August 2010, in association with Griet - its gonna be a night to remember so get ready to party people! Atlanta based and internationally renowned, Le Castle Vania, commonly known as Dylan Eiland, quickly escaped the local trappings of his hometown in Georgia to play music around the world. Atlanta’s burgeoning music scene allowed him to develop his passion for music and nightlife, and he soon gained notoriety with his riotous DJ