Eating Out

Sushi and Chinese please!


It's Friday! And given that we're on the precipice of a weekend, this post should come as divine enlightenment... On a very merry excursion to all sorts of central city venues for debauchery, jollity and merriment, we found ourselves quite under the weather/influence on the taxi trip home. Doing the route back to le loov-leh 17 on Loader (Cape Town's chic bed and breakfast in De Waterkant), the heavens opened and revealed a luminous red sign, on Seapoint Main Road, reading - "Xiang Yuan". With the excitement of teenage girls at the mall, we begged the cab driver to pull over and poured in to Xiang Yuan. Now my love of  the place may seem ridiculously evangelical but, given that the time was almost                  

Eating Out

Gelato Mania!


Memories you can taste- that's what they promise, and it's what they deliver. Think Lindt orange, kinder joy, pistachio and nougat gelato. Couple that with the pretense of healthy eating for the conscience - peach and mango, watermelon or pineapple sorbet. If you prefer to make a meal out of snack (as is my personal eating trademark), douse some fresh, warm waffles - light and fluffy inside and crispy out - in melted Ferrero Roche sauce and gelato, and sit down to enjoy. Gelato Mania, just around the corner from 17 on Loader - on the border of De Waterkant and Mouille Point - has sugar-cone-served goods that reduce me to a state of childlike, incoherent elation. I am somewhat ice -cream obsessive, and so often angered by                  

Night Life

Cape Town’s late-nightlife

Tonight, leaving work late and twitching like an experimental drug candidate, as a result of both tiredness and hunger, all I wanted was a meal that did not involve deep-frying or microwaves. While I acknowledge that the convenience of Engen stores and 24-hour Woolworths has been a saving grace to me in the dead of night (or on occasions when I just can’t walk the line), there comes a time when you need a meal that’s prepared on request. At the point of shameless determination, when I was driving all over the city in the hope of even a back-alley Chicken Licken, it dawned on me just how difficult it is to navigate nocturnal Cape Town. Late at night it seems doors are closing on the desperately starving and, more