Anyone Up for a Brandy Cocktail?

The SA Brandy Foundation

The latest buzz in the Cocktail Club world (of which What'sUp has honorary life club membership) is all about - BRANDY COCKTAILS! And the new Mano A Mano, (think THE Mano of Mano's, Green Point fame) is the first Cape culinary destination to launch an exclusive brandy cocktail menu. “This is extremely exciting for brandy producers and mixologists who’ve have been working on developing a delicious variety of brandy cocktails over the last few years”, says Christelle Reade-Jahn of the SA Brandy Foundation “to launch the first exclusive brandy cocktail menu at a venue like Mano A Mano is not only very rewarding for those that have been developing the cocktails, but also thrilling for the diners who’ll be able to experience the                  

Eating Out

Manna Epicure restaurant . deli . catering . functions

Manna Epicure launches events

Manna Epicure restaurant in Kloof Street is renowned for their delicious foods, crispy white interiors and the sexy sociable crowd. This year the Manna team have decided to twist things around a bit by launching a series of very exciting events check them out below: Cupcake Icing: Learn how to make four unique and delicious icings while chatting with your friends and enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. Ice and decorate 8 cupcakes like a pastry chef and take them and the secret recipes home for yourself and your friends or family to enjoy. This quick creative course is ideal for anyone interested in baking and cake decorating. Cost is R150 per person Every Tuesday from 9:30 – 11:30am (from 5 June) Gourmet burgers and                  

Coffee & Roasteries

Italian Class – Caffe Milano.


    South Africa, Cape Town, July 2011; Kloof Street’s Caffe Milano welcomes Italian pastry expert Andrea Lecchi to the Cape Town food scene with open arms. With a string of positions at several high profile Michelin star restaurants in Europe and significant mentorship under some of Milan’s most famous pastry masters, Andrea Lecchi’s latest move to Cape Town is an exciting one for the country’s gourmet capital. A welcome addition to the Caffe Milano team, Andrea will be working under executive chef Giorgio Nava in the pastry department and managing the bakery. A purist at heart, Andrea is formally trained in the art of traditional Milanese pastry, where delicately flavoured pastries, tarts,                  

Night Life

Cape Town’s late-nightlife

Tonight, leaving work late and twitching like an experimental drug candidate, as a result of both tiredness and hunger, all I wanted was a meal that did not involve deep-frying or microwaves. While I acknowledge that the convenience of Engen stores and 24-hour Woolworths has been a saving grace to me in the dead of night (or on occasions when I just can’t walk the line), there comes a time when you need a meal that’s prepared on request. At the point of shameless determination, when I was driving all over the city in the hope of even a back-alley Chicken Licken, it dawned on me just how difficult it is to navigate nocturnal Cape Town. Late at night it seems doors are closing on the desperately starving and, more