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FAIRTRADE Celebration at Bosman Long Lunch 2012.


    Bosman Family Vineyards promises a Celebration in Fairtrade at their Long Lunch during the annual Wellington Harvest Festival on 17 & 18 March 2012.  Kick off your working shoes and enjoy a leisurely, festive summer lunch set against the backdrop of elegant Cape Dutch buildings, spreading oaks and soaring mountains. This 8th  generation family winery is partnering with Fairtrade Label South Africa ( and significant South African Fairtrade producers during this year's Wellington Harvest Festival in order to give South Africans a glimpse into the world of Fairtrade.  Fairtrade is a trading partnership, based on a progressive set of social and environmental criteria                  

Wine & Wineries

‘Place In The Sun’ Wine Sponsors Novel Road Trip.

Roger Wynne-Dyke

      One of South Africa’s newest global wine brands, Place in the Sun, is partnering with the EXPEDITION Project, a highly innovative social and environmental campaign developed to inspire sustainable change across South Africa.  The easy-going, generous-spirited wine brand launched internationally last year is the lead sponsor of the project conceived by Capetonian social activist Roger Wynne-Dyke. The year-long initiative, which essentially involves a road trip around the perimeter of South Africa, visiting 200 towns in 365 days, is documenting the challenges and opportunities affecting the communities it encounters, with a view to helping in developing practical and relevant solutions. The