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Everyone has been on at least one terrible date. If at this point you are thinking to yourself, “No, not me”, perhaps you are unwaveringly optimistic, perhaps you have flexible expectations, or perhaps you are downright nauseatingly lucky. For the rest of us (who can relate to horror stories of small-talk that led to “I only listen to heavy metal bangra”, or the maniac that asked to see your feet on the first date), we understand how a terrible choice of place can ruthlessly catalyze an already souring date. Luckily for you though, the Mothercity is nurturing when it comes to romance. The rain and winter breeze encourage opportunists to venture in closer, under the guise of consideration and warmth. From Gugulethu to Camps                  

Night Life

Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Andale!

Mexican Party at the Hout Bay Yacht Club

Hout Bay Yacht Club invites all Senor’s and Senorita’s for a Beeg Beeg Mechgican Fiesta tomorrow Saturday June 30th from 7pm till late. It’s a dress-up Mexicano style so pull out all those dusty sombrero’s, maraca’s, tabasco frocks or maybe you prefer to go as the little worm in the tequila bottle? Whatever you choose think out the taco box as prizes will be awarded for best dressed Senor and Senorita 163 Mexican Pesos or 100 Saffa bucks will gain you entry to the Partee. Your ticket includes a welcome Tequila Sunrise, jello shot and a hearty portion of Chilli Concarne served with Nacho's...aaand (cheesy dance cue) HEY Macarena its all for a great cause! The Beeg Beeg Mechican Partee is all in                  


DARG Adoptathon 27 May 2012

Domestic Animal Rescue Group

Animal welfare is close to many of our hearts and DARG (Domestic Animal Rescue Group) shelter in Hout Bay is one of many foundations that support our fury friends, thanks to them and their hard work many abused and homeless animals have a safe haven to spend their nights in warm beds, and receiving lots of love and individual attention. The hard work of all the volunteers is so inspirational and we commend all of them on their amazing efforts. DARG relies on the kindness and donations of the public to care for our animals. So please help out! This weekend DARG is having an Adoptathon and family fun day on Sunday 27th May. Bring your family, all your friends and the family dog, to DARG’s animal sanctuary in Main Road Hout                  


Live Music and Extended Trading Hours at Bay Harbour Market.




Bay Harbour – The Market, Hout Bay re-opens.


    It’s taken a few weeks...but the Market is open again! Bay Harbour is more exciting than ever! Great new stalls – fashion, food, art, craft, interiors and other special treats - A fantasy land for your Christmas gift shopping. The vibe is back! Opening this Saturday (12th) For more information, go here                  

Eating Out

Bay Harbour Market improves visitor’s safety.

27 sept 2011 062

    There is no disputing that Capetonians have kept the social networks buzzing since Hout Bay’s new gem, Bay Harbour Market, opened in July. However, visitors to the popular venue were disappointed of late to discover the doors firmly shut and the usual hustle and bustle nowhere in sight. This was as a result of critical upgrades that needed to be done on the premises in order to adhere to the strict fire regulations that are essential in doing business in the City of Cape Town. “This type of market environment is  constantly changing and, quite frankly, we have been bowled over and, indeed, somewhat taken by surprise,  by the numbers of visitors that we have had through our doors since we                  



Bay Harbour Market

Bay Harbour Market Launch! A celebration of uniquely South African vibrancy, spirit, creativity and culture. A uniquely-social shopping, music and eating experience for all in a friendly and entertaining atmosphere! Jamming this weekend : Jamie Jupiter, Chris Tokalon Saturday 2 July 2011 @ 9am – 5pm , Free Entrance. 31 Harbour Road Hout Bay. A new market showcasing the cultural talents of Cape Town!                  

Out of Town

In Bartholomeu Dias’ footsteps …


Two weeks ago, at last the day had come: Clear the decks for the next adventure in South Africa, the country in which I work and live as a volunteer in the Guest House 17 on Loader. How can I describe my trip? One could try it like this: I spent all day long in a bus only to visit a rocky steep slope that sticks in the water like probably millions others do, too. However, one could try it like this: I experienced a marvellous 8 hours with Swiss, Englishmen and Australians on a journey around the famous Cape peninsula at the southern point of Africa. Our tour guide company, African Eagle, organized a captivating tour. We started our trip in Cape Town in full sunshiny weather. The route led us along the Atlantic coast towards                  


We’re talking Balls … Right?

Whales have big balls. I mean, really big. Southern Right whales have whoppers weighing in at 500 kilograms each. Cape Town is a great destination to travel to if you're looking for male appendages, but be careful what you wish for during August and November - whale season off our Coast. You'll probably find more than what you were looking for! Cape Town has an interesting history of whaling, having contributed merrily to the species' endangerment in the past with large-scale whaling operations stretching as far as the infamous St. Helena Bay - the Iraq of olden-day whale-oil industry. Happily this has all changed recently and now whale populations are recovering, with a reported 12,000 Southern Right whales surfing the