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In the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, “God did something very special when he created Cape Town. This city where the currents of two oceans meet is the entry to a beautiful continent and her people” Cape Town, affectionately referred to as The Mother City, the heart of which beats with an abundance of creativity, beauty, cultural diversity, vibrancy and mere magic. Capetonians are an eccentric and eclectic mix, from chaps busking, chatty flower sellers, live land art performers, babes on the beaches, minstrels, to the businessman with his take-away coffee strolling to work… everyone is a unique puzzle piece that all slot in perfectly together to form one colourful unit. Here is our guide to experiencing the city of Cape                  

Coffee & Roasteries

Rare coffee found in Civet faeces sells in SA for almost R3 000 a kilo!


A newly opened boutique roastery and espresso bar in Cape Town is selling one of the world’s most expensive coffees, a rare and naturally sweet-tasting bean that has been through the digestive system of the Asian palm civet which removes all traces of bitterness. Known as Kopi Luwak, the Indonesian coffee sells locally for a little shy of R3 000 a kilogram or R80 served by the cup, and is at present available exclusively through the Haas Coffee Collective, attached to the lifestyle design store of hand-made objects, Haas Design Collective in Rose Street in the Bo-Kaap. Kopi Luwak, with a caramel-chocolate taste, takes its name from Kopi, the Indonesian word for coffee and Luwak, the Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus