Beaulah Bar: Back – Better – BEST!


    Cape Town’s premier gay club is back –Better, Bigger and Sexier! “After 7 months of hard renovations we've kept the elements that made Beaulah Bar such a favourite. You'll find the same friendly atmosphere and welcoming vibe but our completely new sophisticated look guarantees stylish and fun-packed nights out,” says owner Ricky Camara. Top-of-the-range sound and lighting will complement the fresh DJ talent, pumping out the very latest in commercial hits on the new swanky checked dance floor. The new designer décor also complements the setting with a stylish new chic VIP section. (Some very powerful words from the Late Steve Jobs are on the wall to read as well... "                  


Cape Town Capisci?


  As a great lover of all things Italian – I have, for a long time now, been meaning to write many more articles about “Italians in Cape Town”. But I realized that this had to be done in conjunction with either someone from Italy proper like, or someone au-fait with all things Italian - from a CapeTonian’s perspective. So I thought to myself, I thought, that I needed a good connection in Town...a genuine Italian person who knows what is happening in this wonderful Mother City of ours, who could talk to me about the DOLCE VITA… Call it serendipitous or whateva, but I happened to literally “bump” into the best candidate for the job whilst ordering a LATTE at Giovanni’s                  

Wine & Wineries

FREE wine tasting evenings at Chenin Restaurant Wine Bar, de Waterkant


Remember, remember, the 29th of September - De Meye Wines from Stellenbosch will be serving their superb range of wines at Chenin Restaurant in the Cape Quarter, de Waterkant, from arround 7:30pm. And later on in October (28th to be exact), Anthonij Rupert Wines from Franschhoek will also be showcasing their wines. To avoid disappointment call Craig or Nicole on 021 425 2200 or email asap to confirm your attendance. [ad#wine-blogs] [ad#ad-dynamo-wine-2]                  

About Cape Town

Photo’s: First Soccer Game at Cape Town Stadium – 23rd January 2010

Cape Town Stadium 23rd january 2010

Another milestone in the 2010 calendar occurred in Cape Town on January 23rd, when the first game was played at the newly completed Cape Town Stadium. A bunch of us were lucky enough to get tickets, so off we trotted to experience the stadium first-hand. The excitement was palpable, right from the time we parked our car (some blocks away off Somerset Road). A festive mood prevailed, and we were all most impressed, and aware of the huge security presence in, and around the stadium. Whilst the stadium looks pretty big at a distance, the size and scale really only hits you when you get closer... As mentioned, security was tight, but very friendly and highly efficient. The tickets to the first game! Plenty of                  


Cape Quarters’ Grand Opening

For those of you who have been above ground recently, you will know that the Cape Quarters has been renovating. Already a destination of the most gourmet, five star experiences per meter, the Cape Quarters has extended, and opened the doors onto, its lavish lifestyle of the piazza. As of last weekend they have been celebrating their Grand Opening!  The Cape Quarters has gone from being a fine dining courtyard, to a creative epi-centre dedicated to the good life(style). The Cape Quarters now includes a variety of boutique stores, salons, a gym and the first gourmet Spar. The facade has been retained, but the magic of the Cape Quarters now spills onto Somerset Road, adding to its sidewalk charm.  So far this has                  

Night Life

Out about (Cape) Town


The Summer itch has set in, and suddenly Cape Town's Sunday crowds have abandoned Asoka's cosy wooded warmth for Caprice's Camps Bay sunshine life. It's about this time of year that we notice clubs have popped up, things have started happening, and the old ladies screaming at us that "that is not a legitimate parking space", now unfortunately get to do it from out of doors.  From 17onLoader's gorgeous De Waterkant-view deck, we've seen things happening down there and we know what's new. The gorgeous Greenpoint Stadium has invaded our skyline...   The Cape Quarters have renovated and, this week, celebrate their Grand Re-Opening (More to follow...), And in addition, ear                  

Eating Out

Divine De Waterkant: Buena Vista!


image courtesy of Spitting distance ( but don't try it) from 17 on Loader guesthouse and straight off of the Somerset Road sidewalk, through a dimly lit corridor and up the staircase - the muffled sounds of chatter and salsa, with heady aromas of good cigars and the fine food of the Americas, engages your autopilot right up the steps to Buena Vista Social Cafe`. Buena Vista, meaning good view, bejewels Somerset Road - the good view now enhanced by the lights of Greenpoint Stadium at night. Image © Joanne 2009 There is an understated grandeur and seduction about the well-worn wood and wicker chairs,heavy, tactile tapestries, dimly-lit, smoky air (of the smoking area) and flirtatious Latino