Virgin Atlantic – Rewind the 80′s Festival

Rewind the 80's Music Festival Cape Town

Aaah, the 80’s what memories and fashions we wish we could forget! That happy little decade when crotch clutching jeans were king and Care-Bears gave a damn. Pink-drinks with brollies and crudités ruled cocktail parties… and the tunes well they still creep into every parties playlist and are sure to get some tekkie’s squeeking on the dance floor. The world’s biggest 80’s festival is hitting Cape Town. Lovers of 80’s music will be treated to the ultimate party that promises to have you dancing and singing along to your favourite 80’s tunes. So Cape Town, this is your excuse to dig out your legwarmers, acid wash jeans and clashing colours to relive the energetic glory days of the awesome 80’s era. Prepare yourselves for the most                  


Across all the ocean for the sake of Locomotion…

OMD Coming to Cape Town

The 80’s did expose some of the worst fashion statements, the mullet was left to be desired and Top of the Pops music scene… well that was an interesting one... Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys had hits on Top of the Pops and are at it again! There is something about the tunes of OMD, that if you close your eyes you are whisked into an under-the-sea pop concert scene with what sounds like an underwater orchestra bellowing with Ariel and Sabastian jamming to the jingle. Well you can find yourself back in that heyday on the 2nd of August at Grandwest Casino, Grand Arena Cape Town for one night only as OMD belt out familiar favourites like Locomotion, Tessla Girls, Dreaming, If you Leave and Secret. The group have a                  

About Cape Town

Kids about (Cape) Town…


Crayons are being treated with the same gravity as nuclear weapons. Walls have been adapted to resemble experimental, Pollock canvases. You think that you are beginning to identify linguistic conventions in TellyTubby speech, and in the midst of all of this, your only moments of silence occur when you are sorting mixed vegetables according to colour. Worst of all, “But DAD! He keeps LOOKING at me!” is considered a genuine and legitimate defense for sibling aggravation and, when asked to approach the bench, a strategic combination of puppy dog eyes and the by-now-familiar statement “I’m bored”, is used to wrench at your heartstrings. Is any of this sounding familiar? We all love our kids, but let's face it - school holidays are