Eating Out

Taste of Cape Town


For those who autopilot to the golden arches after work, or can't remember when last they consumed a microwave-free meal, it's time to up the steaks ;) In a city that's home to award-winning chefs and internationally acclaimed restaurants, there's no good reason for "just add milk"- eating. This year's Taste of Cape Town festival promises to be a walk-through wonder-lust of tastes,textures and smells. The food festival version of Broadway - boasting big-name chefs, the best restaurants and some wildly good wines. Taste's menu features delicious dishes from Le Quartier Francaise, Bread and Wine, The Cape Colony, Nobu, Bistro1682, Wang Thai, Grande Provence, Societi Bistro, Myoga,                  


Cape Quarters’ Grand Opening

For those of you who have been above ground recently, you will know that the Cape Quarters has been renovating. Already a destination of the most gourmet, five star experiences per meter, the Cape Quarters has extended, and opened the doors onto, its lavish lifestyle of the piazza. As of last weekend they have been celebrating their Grand Opening!  The Cape Quarters has gone from being a fine dining courtyard, to a creative epi-centre dedicated to the good life(style). The Cape Quarters now includes a variety of boutique stores, salons, a gym and the first gourmet Spar. The facade has been retained, but the magic of the Cape Quarters now spills onto Somerset Road, adding to its sidewalk charm.  So far this has                  


Bring on Bastille


For pleb palates like my own, frogs' legs and snails definitely rank among the less-delicious dishes homosapiens have adopted as gourmet. Still, French food is renowned for supplying a satisfaction inexplicably incongruent to it's small portions. The same sentiment could be used to describe the valley of Franschhoek - South Africa's very own small corner of gourmet. In a town where the grass seems greener, the wine is in fact better and the local equivalent of MacDonald's is Col'Cacchio's - absolutely nothing is substandard. If there was a time to see the town at it's best this would be it - Bastille, a weekend celebration of the town's French Huguenot heritage.   The blue, white and red-draped reverie is more than just good