Night Life

Cape Town Tuesdays


Part two of this week's to-dos. A crowded town Tuesday is evidence of an unspoken cultural agreement in the cape – a preemptive intervention approach to midweek stress. Tuesday night is time to go out in full force. While Claremont is not for everyone, there is no surer bet for crowds and atmosphere tonight. The Claremont strip’s favourites include Springboks, Tiger Tiger, Tin Roof, Tantra, and –new, but highly popular kid on the block – Club 91. Tiger Tuesday’s promise free drinks ‘til ten and top of the chart tracks to get you swaying. The plush interiors of this well-designed club allow ample bar space and a sunken, dense dance-floor. Be sure to arrive collared, smart-shoed and on time - the 9-10PM line gets notoriously