Surfs Up – Billabong Pro 2012…

Jeffery's Bay Billabong Pro 2012

Ready, Set PRO…The Billabong Pro kicks off today and surfers are waiting in antiiiiciiipppaaatttiiion for the waves to rise to the occasion. Sun kissed surfers, snug in their wetsuits with that look – the look of intense appreciation of Mother Nature’s gift of waves that can make or break their moves on the water. Supertubes is the break in the water and location of the annual Billabong Pro in Jeffery’s Bay, this BEAUT is one of mother natures divine phenomenon’s - horizontal barrels of water collecting velocity and rolling down hundreds of meters towards the surf. J.Bay  sees thousands of surfers locally and internationally coming to hit the surf for its awesome and unique waves it pushes                  


Something in ze Vawter this Halloween….

    The Predator Tank at the Two Oceans Aquarium is the place to be this Friday as SA’s top DJ’s will be spinning the decks at the Halloween party of the year – Terror from the Deep. Dress in your scariest costume and party with Vawter Vortex Energy to the tunes of Roger Goode, Flash Republic, Chris Jack and Chris Taylor while the beasts from the waters' murky depths surround you. A second dance floor will be playing more house music for some wicked and wild boogying late into the night. Newly launched, Vawter Vortex Energy, the spring water with a vodka undercurrent with ginseng and guarana will be available to keep the crowd energized all night long. What: