Fairtrade Exploding in SA

Fairtrade South Africa

The sale of Fairtrade products has grown by a wopping 283% in South Africa according to the international organisation’s latest results from 2011. That makes us the leading developing market for sustainability and poverty alleviation, truly something to be proud of. Leading the sales were wine and coffee. South Africans' drank 255,600 bottles of Fairtrade wine and more than 3,5 million cups of Fairtrade coffee in 2011! Sales of other Fairtrade-certified goods like cotton, chocolate, herbs and spices are making their way up there too. International Fairtrade certification aims to promote sustainable development to make a real difference at grassroots level in developing countries. This is done by promoting farming without                  

Wine & Wineries

FAIRTRADE Celebration at Bosman Long Lunch 2012.


    Bosman Family Vineyards promises a Celebration in Fairtrade at their Long Lunch during the annual Wellington Harvest Festival on 17 & 18 March 2012.  Kick off your working shoes and enjoy a leisurely, festive summer lunch set against the backdrop of elegant Cape Dutch buildings, spreading oaks and soaring mountains. This 8th  generation family winery is partnering with Fairtrade Label South Africa ( and significant South African Fairtrade producers during this year's Wellington Harvest Festival in order to give South Africans a glimpse into the world of Fairtrade.  Fairtrade is a trading partnership, based on a progressive set of social and environmental criteria                  

Wine & Wineries

‘Place In The Sun’ Wine Sponsors Novel Road Trip.

Roger Wynne-Dyke

      One of South Africa’s newest global wine brands, Place in the Sun, is partnering with the EXPEDITION Project, a highly innovative social and environmental campaign developed to inspire sustainable change across South Africa.  The easy-going, generous-spirited wine brand launched internationally last year is the lead sponsor of the project conceived by Capetonian social activist Roger Wynne-Dyke. The year-long initiative, which essentially involves a road trip around the perimeter of South Africa, visiting 200 towns in 365 days, is documenting the challenges and opportunities affecting the communities it encounters, with a view to helping in developing practical and relevant solutions. The