Jack Parow

Dans Dans Dans music video out soon

Referred to as "Bob Dylan of the northern suburbs", "pirate of the caravan park" and "an Afrikaans Eminem", Zander Tyler is more popularly known for his on-stage persona as Jack Parow - one of South Africa's most prominent popular culture icons. As "Cooler as Ekke"has monopolized African airwaves, Afrikaans, Mothercity-made Jack Parow, has become one of South Africa's local loves. At the early end of the decade, musical movements that tore Afrikaans music apart from religious zeal, resulted in the Belville Rock city phenomena - and so spawned bands the likes of Fokofpolisiekar,aKing, and Van Coke Kartel. So while Afrikaans music was once ripe with religious evangelism, the noughties saw it slowly became synonymous with                  


Havana Club Rum, Discotheque & Dogbox presents LE CASTLE VANIA (USA) at The Assembly

Le Castle Vania at The Assembly

Its the weekend, which means its time to kick loose and get into the groove. 17 on Loader guesthouse has found the perfect way to get the party started on Friday night in Cape Town! Havana Club Rum & Discotheque present Le Castle Vania (USA) at The Assembly on Friday 27th August 2010, in association with Griet - its gonna be a night to remember so get ready to party people! Atlanta based and internationally renowned, Le Castle Vania, commonly known as Dylan Eiland, quickly escaped the local trappings of his hometown in Georgia to play music around the world. Atlanta’s burgeoning music scene allowed him to develop his passion for music and nightlife, and he soon gained notoriety with his riotous DJ                  


P.H.Fat and Playdoe LIVE!!!


The discotheque series, presented at Assembly, has done nothing to disappoint. Tonight they bring us two of South Africa's most deliciously high-rising, local acts - Playdoe and P.H.Fat. Both dreamteams have exploded onto the South African music scene by pioneering their amalgam genres. Playdoe's name says it - a malleable genre, a fluid sound and a playful live act that is almost evangelical about, "it's that beat". Playdoe consists of Sibot - the genius that brought you Max Normal, Constructus, Closet Snare, Knights of the Round and Real Estate Agents - while Spoek supplies the god-step and the man purse. They've toured Europe and played with the calibre of Anti Pop Consortium, DJ Krush, DJ                  


Mumbo Jumbo


I'm tired of going out only to find that I am surrounded by people there to claim "cool" rather than have a good time - so I'm hoping tonight will be nothing like that. Kids who know and love the glitchy electro-drum-bass-dub-type stuff (that is the popular genre to emerge from the gamer generation), will know that the dubstep scene has exploded in the mothercity. So for those who are looking for a tide of people kicking it to electro vibration - rather than a sea of luminous trucker caps, wife-beaters and well-dressed wall flowers - then I'm hoping Mumbo Jumbo is it. Mumbo Jumbo claims to be a gig for those who dance rather than prance. • EVERY FRIDAY @ MUMBO JUMBO BAR • 38 Shortmarket                  




For festival-goers Christmas came early, and seven years on Synergy Live promises to be even bigger than what it was - one of Cape Town's most memorable events. In Franschhoek Valley - the Western Cape's own land of milk and honey, where vineyards sag with grapes of world-famous wines and there are even more stars in the sky - Boschendal Estate's green lawns, lush with Spring, will be the backdrop. Synergy Live pledges a playground permutation of funfair, live acts, camping, multimedia theatrics and marketplace. Nourishment is provided in usual forms of easy and green-cleansy festival food, or the upmarket option of Boschendal's own picnic basket luncheons, while things to do include the geodesic theatre for