THE LOCALS-ONLY LIFESTYLE MEMBERSHIP CARD RESIDENCY ACTIVITIES It’s not hard to notice when Cape Town ‘season’ opens, as thousands of Ed Hardy wearing, leather sandal rocking and/or camera-round-the-neck-clad local and international tourists take to the city with a vengeance and, with prices hiked up due to the influx of foreign currency, can be seen dominating everything from our restaurants and bars, to Cape Town’s world renown adventure activities, making it almost impossible for our locals to take advantage of all that Cape Town has to offer. Residency is the solution – a lifestyle membership card exclusive to Cape Town residents. On signing up, members receive a hand delivered                  

Eating Out



This month, 17 on Loader - Cape Town’s best bed and breakfast – continues to introduce to you every secret handshake gem you might not (but should) know of in the Mothercity. A compiled list of some of Cape Town’s lesser-known loves.. In Kenilworth, stop by Banana Jam for happy hour. This venue is always seething with students slurping on cocktails and provides a cosy setting for Cape Town’s early evening drinks. Be sure to try the green iguana for a cocktail you can’t put down – and at R15 in happy hour, you don’t have to. In Little Mowbray, Bruegel’s is a girl’s best friend. The small, understated venue offers up some of the better pizza in Cape Town at a very reasonable                  

Eating Out

Eastern Food Bazaar Cape Town

Darling Street entrance.

Quite a few of us Brutal Reviewers braced the cold recently, to take in the sights, sounds and most importantly, the exotic foods on offer at "The Eastern Food Bazaar" in Cape Town. Situated in what was until fairly recently the old "Wellington Fruit Growers" building in Darling Street, this food emporium is a visual and culinary delight. Stepping through the front door reminded me of places I had visited in Zanzibar, or Istanbul. Despite the gaudy neon lighting, the murals; wood paneling; motifs and huge wooden doors transported me into another world. The self service counter extends from Darling Street through to Longmarket Street - and the array and selection of what is on offer is mind boggling. Whilst relatively