Art Scene

The Art of Leda Troedson.

Pulse by Leda Troedson

17 on Loader Guest House has for the past three years been privileged enough to host the permanent retrospective exhibition of the Art of Leda Troedson. The current works on exhibition are but a small fraction of a large body of her work which has never been exhibited. Some biographical information: Leda Troedson (born Rhode) was born in Porterville on the 26th of August 1926 and died in Cape Town after a long illness in March 2005. She was 78 years old. Schooled in Cape Town and educated at the University of Stellenbosch where she studied science (in itself an unusual study choice for women in the 1940’s), she worked for many years at the Medical and Dental Council in Johannesburg before changing career paths and                  

Art Scene

Collaborative Exhibition at Martin Osner fine Art Gallery

Martin Osner Fine Art Gallery

    Get to see this collaborative exhibition featuring; Klaus Tiedge, Sandy Mclea, and Martin Osner, at Shop 14A, Cape Quarter Piazza, 72 Waterkant Street, de Waterkant. KLAUS TIEDGE: Pride of Africa is an anthology that presents a clear break from documentary wildlife photography. In this series, the animals play as important a role in the images as the environments that they inhabit. Tiedge often composes his images against dramatic backdrops, creating breathtaking scenes which portray a certain fictional quality. Through taking advantage of the “modern digital darkroom”, this artist has successfully traversed the boundaries between painting and photography. This year he will be unveiling his new                  


Beaulah Bar: Back – Better – BEST!


    Cape Town’s premier gay club is back –Better, Bigger and Sexier! “After 7 months of hard renovations we've kept the elements that made Beaulah Bar such a favourite. You'll find the same friendly atmosphere and welcoming vibe but our completely new sophisticated look guarantees stylish and fun-packed nights out,” says owner Ricky Camara. Top-of-the-range sound and lighting will complement the fresh DJ talent, pumping out the very latest in commercial hits on the new swanky checked dance floor. The new designer décor also complements the setting with a stylish new chic VIP section. (Some very powerful words from the Late Steve Jobs are on the wall to read as well... "                  


Village Market at Cape Quarter in de Waterkant on Sundays.

      Every Sunday 10h00 – 15h00 Beginning November 13, 2011   The Village Market @ Cape Quarter is a unique, European Lifestyle Market that supports local goods and produce, all the while striving to be as organic and environmentally friendly as possible.   The Village Market is acentrally located venue with an alfresco vibe – enhanced by an abundance of retail, restaurants and specialty services with secure underground parking.   “Promoting a life with style… Get fresh in the Village”   Market includes: European-style fruit, vegetable and flower Market Specialty food market: a smorgasbord of fresh, organic food. Choices include; fish, specialty                  


PINK JAZZ @ Crew Bar Friday, 25th March.


    Crew Bar at 30 Napier St. Cape Town, (021) 418-0118 For directions, click here                  

Interesting People

De Waterkant personalities: Rug designer Pierre Antoine


Anyone strolling around the streets of Cape Town's trendy De Waterkant area may have noticed a building tucked behind a giant bougainvillea and teeming with beautiful carpets on the corner of De Smit and Dixon streets, roughly between the original Cape Quarter and its gleaming new extension. This typical De Waterkant cottage has for many years been the home and initial business of carpet expert and rug designer Pierre Antoine, whose contemporary hand-woven floorware is gracing the floors of some of the world’s most exclusive destinations and private residences. Since establishing Fibre Designs Rug Gallery five years ago Antoine has worked on renowned international projects including South Africa’s most                  


MCQP Theme and Venue to be announced Friday evening.

MCQP 2010   It's hard to believe that MCQP is heading for its 15th Mother of all parties - on Saturday, December 18th, 2010. And Friday evening, 12th November, we will all be finding out what the Theme is, and where the Venue will be. So, get down to Crew Bar 9pm sharp to get the low-down.... first hand.   Address: 30 Napier Street de Waterkant Tel: 021 461 1645 or 021 418 0118.   For a bit of History - click here                    

Wine & Wineries

FREE wine tasting evenings at Chenin Restaurant Wine Bar, de Waterkant


Remember, remember, the 29th of September - De Meye Wines from Stellenbosch will be serving their superb range of wines at Chenin Restaurant in the Cape Quarter, de Waterkant, from arround 7:30pm. And later on in October (28th to be exact), Anthonij Rupert Wines from Franschhoek will also be showcasing their wines. To avoid disappointment call Craig or Nicole on 021 425 2200 or email asap to confirm your attendance. [ad#wine-blogs] [ad#ad-dynamo-wine-2]                  


Monday Mania

For students, the pungent scent of term-time is in the air, and Monday blues are as common as the notorious mothercity's Winter flu. For those despairing Mondays marking a return to daily grind, 17 on Loader in the spirit of our "year-round hospitality" suggest you cheer up and step out. In the city that never sleeps, even Mondays get manic, and we're more than merry to tell you how... Our loyal, grungy, alternative pool-bar lover in The Shack, of course. The drinks are cheap, the crowd is comfy/careless and all that aside, its ALWAY open 'til 4am. Mondays. Sundays. Mother's Days. ALWAYS. Just next door to Shack - attack is Mercury. Mercury Mondays are infamous, and after all this time, high-schoolers and university-doers are                  

Out of Town

Roadtrip Essentials


This week I packed up the unreliable little (sh)Citi Golf I refer to as "The Chad", and headed on out into the great unknown with My Old Man. Doing our own great trek, we dominated bustling metropolises the likes of Colesberg, Laingsburg and Bethlehem - and I only mention these because, relative to the other little dorpies we dashed through, this lot are fast-paced urbanisation. In the face of frequent 20 minute "stop-before-passing" roadworks, however, and throat-croaking attempts at "She'll be coming round the mountain" (which starts to mock, when the trip begins to seem interminable) I realized the necessity of... A ROADTRIP SURVIVAL KIT. So for those heading on out,  Indiana-Jones