Going nuts for Crazy White Boy

Ryan Murgatroyd and Konstantinos Karatamoglou MuthaFM

Crazy White Boy’s newest single, Zoma, is burning up the airwaves nationwide. Its a toe-tapping, arm-out-the-window, full-volume kinda track from the dynamic duo that brought us the awesome hit ‘Love you better’. The tongue-twisting pair of Ryan Murgatroyd and Konstantinos Karatamoglou classify their music as “Ghetto Tech”, an eclectic blend of mainly Kwaito and House rhythms, incorporating some electro. Both have some serious producing skills in their own rights, and their collaboration since 2008 has brought us some of the most awesome tunes since. ‘Love you better’ is officially the quickest record in South African radio history to reach the number 1 slot on 5fm. Collaborating with                  


Surfs Up – Billabong Pro 2012…

Jeffery's Bay Billabong Pro 2012

Ready, Set PRO…The Billabong Pro kicks off today and surfers are waiting in antiiiiciiipppaaatttiiion for the waves to rise to the occasion. Sun kissed surfers, snug in their wetsuits with that look – the look of intense appreciation of Mother Nature’s gift of waves that can make or break their moves on the water. Supertubes is the break in the water and location of the annual Billabong Pro in Jeffery’s Bay, this BEAUT is one of mother natures divine phenomenon’s - horizontal barrels of water collecting velocity and rolling down hundreds of meters towards the surf. J.Bay  sees thousands of surfers locally and internationally coming to hit the surf for its awesome and unique waves it pushes