Greyton Book Club Festival.


  Don't miss out on Greyton's first ever Book Club Festival, taking place over the weekend of 5 - 7 August. Varied readings from renowned local authors. These include Lauren Beukes; Margie Orford; and Sarah Lotz. For a full festival programme, click here                  

Night Life


ballistic at Balkanology

Fortune tellers and flying carpets are the fan fare of Balkanology, 26th April 2010. Again the magic of Gypsy/Balkan music is made manifest in the carnivale festivities of a massive, manic party - A one night only affair. Here today, gone tomorrow - as the caravan children do.  Balkanology - the deliciously devilish circus spectacular - will lay love loose on the new Cape Town venue of spectaculars - whispered as a replacement to the infamous Madame Zingara's -  the wonderhouse that is Vaudeville. Think magicians, balkan bass and bare-bellied beauties, with the wonderment of dream and hallucination. The insatiable line-up lists tempos from Toby2shoes, Maoriginal, Hopa Banda and the Nomadic Orchestra. Tickets                  


Day Glo at Assembly!


In the spirit of all things bright, tight and keen to come right, Assembly (Harrington Street) presents Sunny in the Shade: Day Glo! This will 2010's first Discotheque party at Assembly, and a massive disco dance it shall be. Sponsored by Malibu, DC shoes, Nixon ,Von Zipper and Vida E Caffe`, it promises to be a banger. The venue is going to be echoing luminous glows and black lights, so the dressed appropriately neon pay R50, while the fail-faces and cop-outs pay R70. (I'm not a huge fan of those who don't dress up - can you tell?). Neon tights, neon lights, neon love - that's what we're anticipating. The line-up includes Nick Supply, with his fresh, addictive, bouncy-fidget house; our electro love                  

New Years

New Year in Cape Town


Alright you boozy floozies, the time is once again upon us. I know,  I know. We're getting calls from fifteen different social circles, we're examining our Christmas-wounded wallets and we can't make up our minds on how to ring in the new year. So just for you, a few options... Party karate... Where I'd be, as the clock strikes midnight, is Greenmarket Square! A massive stage, 4 Dance Floors, 5 VIP VENUES, a big bar area and state of the art sound and lighting is what's on the menu. Not to mention the good ol' al fresco. In addition the line-up is grand! Live sax and percussion, locnville, dino moran, chris jack, the plastics, etc crew, captain stu and the pretty blue guns                  



As a tribute to pop culture icon Barney Stinson (of How I Met Your Mother),  Ivy League hosts SUIT UP DANCEFLOOR! New kid on the Long Street block,Ivy League , brings a bit of mainstream flavour to the townies and, while Long Street is our lovely, I admit it's a great addition. Long 's leisure now caters for everyone. Boutique eateries, karaoke pubs and quaint cocktail venues function earlier on until Fiction's electro, drum and bass and dubstep, Zula's underground hip hop and live gigs and, now, Ivy League 's more commercialSuit Up Wednesdays jump-start the evening. Ivy League has hosted some good live acts - including SA's own current 5fm favourite, Locnville. The atmosphere is                  

Interesting People



Does "I got the sun in my pockets and the moon in my hands..." sound familiar? Locnville consists of two twin brothers, apparently nephews of Charlie Chaplin's who moved here in their youth from New York. They've been tyring to break into the South African music scene for sometime now, and after becoming a favourite feature on 5FM, Locnville finally launches at Ivy League tonight!  Their voices have a baritone timbre that reverberates through a room, and their music is pretty easy listening for its genre.  Take a listen here and come along if you like. With cover charge at just R20 before 10Pm and R30 after, as well as drinks specials all night, its a great excuse to check out Cape Town's new                  

Night Life

Thursday nights in Cape Town

Tonight’s tangibly pulsating nightlife will testify to a long-standing, unspoken tradition, that I blame on influence of the winelands, – beginning the weekend on Thursdays. When it comes to the weekend, the Western Cape is as preemptive as Bush with a pocketful of nukes. For those of you that haven’t been, swank and swagger is what you’ll find at Hemisphere. On the 31st floor, set overlooking the cityscape, filled with those dressed to impress, the view is striking inside and out. Fully stocked with drink specials, great blends of R&B, house, electro and hip-hop, as well as all the VIP bells and whistles, this one comes highly recommended. If cleaning up the act is not in the cards and you’d