Choosing the perfect summer bikini just became easier!

Bikini's for Rage 2012

Here at What’s Up, we’re all about promoting young and aspiring creatives in doing what they do best! As the great Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on!”, and we simply couldn’t agree more! So check out these particularly creative and entrepreneurial offerings from Alexa Murray. Alexa is currently studying a BA degree in fashion design at FEDISA in Cape Town. With summer around the corner, what better way to exploit the impeccable South African climate than by designing a range of wearable bikinis? Ones that would suit every body type or taste! And that’s exactly what Alexa set out to do, designing a unique range of bikinis, branded with the short and catchy phrase, “Matric 2012”, sure to appeal to                  


Only On A Sunday Market

Zula Sound Bar Market Only on A Sunday Market

Long Street is usually bustling with people, activity and non-stop entertainment - except on a Sunday. Although it may loose that chaotic-crazy energy it transforms into something very different and yet lovely in it’s own right. Laura Ronchi noticed this void and launched at the opportunity to create Cape Town’s newest, freshest and vibrant indoor Sunday market. Only On A Sunday… Located in the stunning Zula, Sound Bar building on Long Street the interior possesses that old–worldly charm dating back to the 1800’s. As you weave your way through the different floors and levels expect a delectable variety of art, live entertainment and eclectic stalls offering an abundance of goods ranging from A to Z, retro to modern, collectibles                  


Design, Art and Sales


The Christmas season brings that feeling of looming budget-stretching. Eat out everyday, party cares away - that's how Cape Town does the silly season and, we admit, keeping up can be a strain. Luckily, a selection of lady Cape Town's artists and designers, have brought us empathetic solutions to the seasonal strain. Start off the morning with a Garage Sale. Nope, not used jockstraps and one-eyed teddy bears, this Garage Sale is only a Garage Sale by location. Swinging into the sunshine with lemonade and pancakes as of 10AM, Cape Town artists (including our infamous Faith47) commune to show their wares tomorrow (16th Decmber), in a goods-filled garage. The rendezvous point is Eldorado Garages, 3 Military Rd, Tamboerskloof                  


Divine De Waterkant: The Loading Bay!


By day (dumdumdum!) The Loading Bay operates under the guise of a coffee house, but a lesser known secret is that on Thursday night it's home of Cape Town's hotter hipsters - it's burger night:)  Usually The Loading Bay closes shop early on, but last night we stopped by to try out their nocturnal offerings. Burger day considerately caters for carnivores and herbivores alike, with a scrumptious beef burger and an exotic black bean-based patty version for the veggies. Burgers are accompanied by an option of ribbon fries or salad - we opted to keep it clean and green and weren't disappointed. A light side salad of artichoke hearts, sweet basil and red and butter lettuce was the perfect light offering to                  


Very vintage


While “vintage” or “retro” should describe quality-controlled, timeless pieces, reminiscent of only the right bits of an earlier era, this abused euphemism has come to allow things like fully grown women in actual school shoes, or middle ages men’s yellowed rugby jerseys - from back when Moses was playing for the Egyptians. In our family “vintage” is an abused euphemism used to imply value where there simply is none. This means that fathers are trying to pawn off badly fitted, high-waist jeans, while grandmothers are insisting you take their “beautiful collection” of old, unmatched, chipped plates. So if, like me, “vintage” or “retro” are words that make