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Everyone has been on at least one terrible date. If at this point you are thinking to yourself, “No, not me”, perhaps you are unwaveringly optimistic, perhaps you have flexible expectations, or perhaps you are downright nauseatingly lucky. For the rest of us (who can relate to horror stories of small-talk that led to “I only listen to heavy metal bangra”, or the maniac that asked to see your feet on the first date), we understand how a terrible choice of place can ruthlessly catalyze an already souring date. Luckily for you though, the Mothercity is nurturing when it comes to romance. The rain and winter breeze encourage opportunists to venture in closer, under the guise of consideration and warmth. From Gugulethu to Camps                  

Health & Fitness

Two Oceans Marathon


Tomorrow (Saturday 3rd of April) brings the 2010 chapter of The Two Oceans Marathon! The Two Oceans Marathon was first run in 1970, and has been recognized as one of the world's most beautiful race routes ever since. The name tells all - runners start in Newlands, head out to Noordhoek and across Cape country. Taking on the incline of Chapman's Peak, promising a view of both the Pacific and Indian oceans. This year's race will be just as spectacular as the last, but runners should note that weather reports are partly cloudy skies, a strong southerly and a serious seventy percent humidity. The Two Oceans includes a 56km ultra marathon, the popular 21km half marathon and the 5km or 2.5km fun runs. All in all the Two                  


We’re talking Balls … Right?

Whales have big balls. I mean, really big. Southern Right whales have whoppers weighing in at 500 kilograms each. Cape Town is a great destination to travel to if you're looking for male appendages, but be careful what you wish for during August and November - whale season off our Coast. You'll probably find more than what you were looking for! Cape Town has an interesting history of whaling, having contributed merrily to the species' endangerment in the past with large-scale whaling operations stretching as far as the infamous St. Helena Bay - the Iraq of olden-day whale-oil industry. Happily this has all changed recently and now whale populations are recovering, with a reported 12,000 Southern Right whales surfing the