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Stellenbosch Wine Festival 2013

Stellenbosch Wine Festival 2013

Work is almost back in full swing, bank accounts are tight and you are overall Bah humbugging – have no fear for the 2013 Stellenbosch Wine Festival is near and six months earlier than anticipated! The extremely popular Stellenbosch Wine Festival is taking off with an expanded ten-day program next year from the 25th of January to the 3rd of February 2013. Over 150 farms and countless gourmet eateries will be showcasing their finest produce influenced by the seasonal change of the event. Annareth Bolton, CEO of the Stellenbosch Wine Routes explains, “We realised that it makes sense to showcase our world-class wines during a period when everything that Stellenbosch offers - its natural beauty, unique cultural heritage, excellent                  


The Company’s Garden Party

Garden Party Company Gardens 2012

Don your summer style and get that spring in your step for the Company’s Gardens are kitting out the lawns for a ten day garden party starting on the 14th of December till the 24th of December from 12pm to 9pm daily. The Dutch settlers of 1652 originally established the Gardens as a refreshment, replenishment and relaxation station for sailors that were en route to the east. Three centuries later we celebrate the same space to meet, greet, relax and be merry within this majestic beauty in the CBD.  Join the Company’s Gardens and celebrate our Mother City with a glass of wine or craft beer, live music, tasty food, family and friends in a way you haven’t experienced Cape Town before. It is a place for all Capetonians and her                  

Eating Out

Taste of Cape Town


For those who autopilot to the golden arches after work, or can't remember when last they consumed a microwave-free meal, it's time to up the steaks ;) In a city that's home to award-winning chefs and internationally acclaimed restaurants, there's no good reason for "just add milk"- eating. This year's Taste of Cape Town festival promises to be a walk-through wonder-lust of tastes,textures and smells. The food festival version of Broadway - boasting big-name chefs, the best restaurants and some wildly good wines. Taste's menu features delicious dishes from Le Quartier Francaise, Bread and Wine, The Cape Colony, Nobu, Bistro1682, Wang Thai, Grande Provence, Societi Bistro, Myoga,