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Make Cape Town Proud by voting Liam Kelly as South Africa’s STA Travel World Explorer.


  Liam Kelly – a CapeTonian with a mission – is set to go places –Literally! Having recently entered into the STA Travel World Explorer Competition, Liam is down to the wire having just been selected as one of the top 5 of over 4000 applicants countrywide. What’sUp has the utmost faith that our readers are going to ensure that winning this one is pretty much “in the bag” (which is already packed!). So What’sUp for grabs you may ask? Well if you think of 6 continents; 25 countries; 12 months and R 200k (yes two hundred thousand bucks) worth of travel experiences – that’s what we are talking about! So, let’s make it happen for our very own Liam, and get him on                  

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What to do for Valentine’s Day?


  So, what do we really want to do for Valentine's day? Stay at home? Have a party with friends? Celebrate being single, or spend time with that extra special friend, lover, partner, husband or wife? We hope this post will inform our readers as to what's out there, and encourage establishments in Cape Town to LIST  THEIR VENUES AND THE NATURE OF THEIR VALENTINE'S EVENT So, please email us with a flier and all the details to with the things planned for February 14th, which will in turn be listed here. If you do not have a flier > Leave a Comment on this post on what you have to offer - or for that matter, how you plan to spend the day. …and while you are here,                  

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South Africa Won the World Cup


Yes, we did it! Whilst South Africa may not have been able to keep the World Cup trophy on the African Continent -we sure were able to show the world just what a Country we are and that we can deservedly claim first prize on every other scoreboard. Apart from being the most magical, diverse, awe-inspiring and beautiful country that it is, South Africans have time and time again shown the world what it is capable of doing. And now we have just proved the doubting Thomas' wrong and shown the world that we can indeed host the world's largest and most prestigious sporting event. And this done in a magnificent; seemingly effortless, efficient; and crime free environment-with the warmth, hospitality, enthusiasm and open heartedness