Cape Town Cocktails


The recent heat has harnessed all sorts of memories of vacation and laid-back laziness, and for those of us resenting nine-to-fives, we need to snatch up snippets of holiday time where we can. So in the city where the sun is setting at around 8PM, what better way to surrender the day than with sundowners? After hours of "dedicated research" (courtesy of Boozy-Floozy's-R-US)- a (subjective) compilation of Cape Town's best cocktails...    1. The wild berry brumble at Beluga. Vodka, vanilla, sirop de gomme, berries and lime muddled over crushed ice and served on Sundays at half-price with half-price, prime sushi, in Beluga's upmarket but comfortable venue. 2. The mojito slush. It's                  

Eating Out



This month, 17 on Loader - Cape Town’s best bed and breakfast – continues to introduce to you every secret handshake gem you might not (but should) know of in the Mothercity. A compiled list of some of Cape Town’s lesser-known loves.. In Kenilworth, stop by Banana Jam for happy hour. This venue is always seething with students slurping on cocktails and provides a cosy setting for Cape Town’s early evening drinks. Be sure to try the green iguana for a cocktail you can’t put down – and at R15 in happy hour, you don’t have to. In Little Mowbray, Bruegel’s is a girl’s best friend. The small, understated venue offers up some of the better pizza in Cape Town at a very reasonable