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Cracks And The City II – Baxter Golden Arrow Studio – August 1 to 13


    The Baxter Theatre celebrates women’s month in August with the return of the hilarious Cracks And the City II performed by the all-female quartet featuring comedians Shimmy Isaacs, Anne Hirsch, Anthea Thompson and Marianne Thamm. The Cracks return with a two-week run, from August 1 to 13 in the Baxter Golden Arrow Studio, of their new full-length show, Cracks And The City II, with fresh material and sketches that are sure to get you laughing as well as thinking. The show is directed by comic whizz, Alan Committie. Tickets are R100 or R85 for block bookings of more than 10. The original Cracks And The City began life at the Flipside at the Baxter in the middle of the 2010 Fifa                  

Art Scene

All-female comedy quartet, “Cracks Only”, for regular end-of-month Baxter gigs.

All-female comedy quartet, Cracks Only, for regular end-of-month Baxter gig

The Baxter is proud to announce that Cape Town’s all-female comedy sensation, Cracks Only, kick off their year-long, month-end series of gigs at the Baxter’s Flipside on Friday, January 28. The Cracks, award-winning actress Anthea Thompson, comedy stars Shimmy Isaacs and Anne Hirsch, and veteran columnist Marianne Thamm, caused a minor sensation with their show, Cracks And The City, directed by Alan Committie, which played at the Baxter in July last year before transferring for a three-week run at On Broadway. Each month the Cracks will serve up a fresh cocktail of stand-up, music, brand new filmed sketches, which have become a much-anticipated part of the show. Celebrity guests will include the likes of political                  

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Crayons are being treated with the same gravity as nuclear weapons. Walls have been adapted to resemble experimental, Pollock canvases. You think that you are beginning to identify linguistic conventions in TellyTubby speech, and in the midst of all of this, your only moments of silence occur when you are sorting mixed vegetables according to colour. Worst of all, “But DAD! He keeps LOOKING at me!” is considered a genuine and legitimate defense for sibling aggravation and, when asked to approach the bench, a strategic combination of puppy dog eyes and the by-now-familiar statement “I’m bored”, is used to wrench at your heartstrings. Is any of this sounding familiar? We all love our kids, but let's face it - school holidays are