Are you as Cool as Greenpop Folk?

Cool as Folk at Assembly

Seeds a spade and soil are not items that conjure up a joll, the term Greenpop maybe? Well not really,  but being a fore-running organisation and leaders in the Treevolution their awesomeness resonates and manages to gather all sorts of Folk – “Cool As”, to come together and make a difference! Through having a good ol’ tekkie squeak! Cool as Folk happens this weekend, Saturday 8 September at Assembly in Harrington Street proudly brought to you by Greenpop a social enterprise that runs urban greening and reforestation projects in sub-Saharan Africa. They have freshly returned from Zambia where they accomplished there massive Trees for Zambia project, a sapling explosion where over 5000 trees were tucked into the earth. Cause for a                  


P.H.Fat and Playdoe LIVE!!!


The discotheque series, presented at Assembly, has done nothing to disappoint. Tonight they bring us two of South Africa's most deliciously high-rising, local acts - Playdoe and P.H.Fat. Both dreamteams have exploded onto the South African music scene by pioneering their amalgam genres. Playdoe's name says it - a malleable genre, a fluid sound and a playful live act that is almost evangelical about, "it's that beat". Playdoe consists of Sibot - the genius that brought you Max Normal, Constructus, Closet Snare, Knights of the Round and Real Estate Agents - while Spoek supplies the god-step and the man purse. They've toured Europe and played with the calibre of Anti Pop Consortium, DJ Krush, DJ                  

Art Scene

Got Ink?


This weekend brings a repeat performance of the infamous SIX - Southern Ink Exposure - returning to the Motherland. Big name body artists Paul Booth, Bob Tyrrell and Hailin Fu will be making guest appearances. Not to mention living ink legends Manuela Grey, Simon White, and more. Click Tyler Murphyhere for the full line-up. SIX promises a season of collaborative artgasms, with exhibitions. live performances and a series of the sickest parties: Friday Jan. 22 – Lady Luck Party @ MercuryLive Featuring: The Ragdolls + Jack Parow + Throatball + DJs Saturday Jan. 23 – Man’s Ruin Party @ the Assembly Featuring: Damn Right + The Mochines + Them Tornados + Rudimentals + DJs Party tickets are purchased at                  


Day Glo at Assembly!


In the spirit of all things bright, tight and keen to come right, Assembly (Harrington Street) presents Sunny in the Shade: Day Glo! This will 2010's first Discotheque party at Assembly, and a massive disco dance it shall be. Sponsored by Malibu, DC shoes, Nixon ,Von Zipper and Vida E Caffe`, it promises to be a banger. The venue is going to be echoing luminous glows and black lights, so the dressed appropriately neon pay R50, while the fail-faces and cop-outs pay R70. (I'm not a huge fan of those who don't dress up - can you tell?). Neon tights, neon lights, neon love - that's what we're anticipating. The line-up includes Nick Supply, with his fresh, addictive, bouncy-fidget house; our electro love                  


Assembly’s Birthday Bash


This Friday Night, Cape Town's premiere liv gig venue turns TWO!  Piggy-backing the birthday bustle is the controversy-cultivating, underground culture publication, Vice Magazine who will be swinging it up in the Annex.  Doors open at 9pM and in celebration of this prime, live-act location, The Assembly has once again made a point of hustling an amazing line-up. Acts include Grave Danger, Richard the Third, Popskarr, Them Tornados, Lapse and the audible chocolate that is Kidofdoom, at midnight.  The first 100 people to email names to get in free:) But the cover charge is just R30 in any case. Be sure to swing by, it ought to be epic!                  


Alternative Friday Night


Friday night is Discotheque at The Assembly, Harrington Street! If you’re tired of popped collars and white leather shoes, set aside a night with the misfits and make your way to Assembly and Evol. Assembly is Cape Town’s premium live gig venue has now developed a new room for its Discotheque Friday. Think bright lights, buzz and bass. Tonight’s Sweat X is a pairing of the electro wizard, Marcus Wormstorm (internationally signed music-maker and member of the infamous blackheart gang animation studio) and top class hip-hop/rap maestro MC Spoek Mathambo. The Assembly has a great laid-back vibe, is seated just outside city center and promises to kick off the weekend well. Just around the corner is Evol –