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It’s 4.15 am. Still quite sleepy, I creep out of my tent to be, some minutes later, ready to sit in the truck that is waiting for us. Shortly after 5.00 am, we leave the campsite and after a one-hour-drive we reach our destination. I jump out of the truck and feel the fresh, clean air surrounding me. Above me lies nothing but the still dark and cloudless sky. Immediately, we start climbing “Dune 45” which spreads itself right in front of us. Finally we sit on the ridge of the dune, searching in anticipation for the expectant sunrise. Bit by bit, it edges out of the darkness until its warm rays caress our faces and then the entire plain before us. And as J.W. Goethe’s writes in “Faust” “I am a man here; I can be a man here!”                  


Thank you for flying with Flugtag, we hope you enjoy your swim…

Red Bull FlugTag Cape Town 2012

We know of someone who with the help of all the neighborhood kids spent days as a child building a plane on the top of their garage roof unfortunately their choice of creative materials could have sunk a ship. The result? The virginal flight was a disaster, and cannot be discussed further on this site. Although if this sounds like you, then the challenge is on! It’s the end of aviation as we know it - Red Bull Flugtag is back, flying high… not dry –  so fasten your seatbelts and breathe normally for the 9th of December 2012 sees the return of Flugtag to Cape Town. Trolley dollies, Co-Pilots, flying pigs and home-made helicopters take off from a 6m platform at the V&A Waterfront into the harbor waters below. The Challenge:                  


Impi Challenge 2012

Lievland Wine Farm Stellenbosch

Impi! wo 'nans' impi iyeza… Nah… this is not a write-up on Johnny Clegg or his awesome lyrics, but fitting as you may require your wellies for this stomping challenge… Now in its fourth year the Impi Challenge has become Cape Town's hottest adventure challenge - a fun day out in Stellenbosch, 2000 participants challenging one-another on a 12km complex obstacle course. The latest spin off to the already super popular Impi Challenge family, is a full-on adventure and entertainment festival taking place on the 20th October 2012 at the picturesque Lievland Wine Estate in Stellenbosch . The fest kicks-off at 13h00 with local-live bands including, iScream and The Chocolate Stix, DJ Wheels and Shaun Westcott on the decks, an SAB Beer                  


Bicycle Cape Town presents Spring Haas Run…

Creative Cape Town

Cycling culture in Cape Town is gaining momentum and it’s time you got on the Penny-farthing… so dust off your bikes, get those skateboards out of the garage and strut your finest vintage for Cape Town’s Maiden Spring Haas Run. A celebration to see off the end of Creative Week Cape Town 2012 with a leisurely ramble through our mother city with Bikes, Boards and Bowties Fellow Non Motorised Transport ambassadors will meet at Haas, 67 Rose Street this Sunday 23 September at 8:30am for a quick cuppa and then you shall depart for a meander through the City of Cape Town. The theme for Spring(haas)run: Bikes, Boards and Bowties (vintage) gets you a coffee and sticky bun from Haas for 22bucks. Prizes will be awarded to the best                  


Cycle Africa arrive in Cape Town tomorrow at 4pm at the V&A

Cycle Africa London to Cape Town

Almost here, the Cycle Africa team arrives in Cape Town tomorrow from London after 364 gruelling days in the saddle, 29 countries and 15000 kilometres! Cycle Africa is an unsupported bicycle journey from London, England to Cape Town, South Africa. The route has taken the team of six friends through 29 countries through Europe, the Middle East and Africa, a distance of over 15,000 km’s. The team left Russell Square in London on 7 August 2011, and have managed to stick to their estimated arrival, 1 year later in Cape Town tomorrow the 7th of August 2012. Having traveled over two-and-a-bit continents, through deserts, over mountains, at a pace that allowed them to truly experience the countries and meet people along the way. This                  

Out of Town

In Bartholomeu Dias’ footsteps …


Two weeks ago, at last the day had come: Clear the decks for the next adventure in South Africa, the country in which I work and live as a volunteer in the Guest House 17 on Loader. How can I describe my trip? One could try it like this: I spent all day long in a bus only to visit a rocky steep slope that sticks in the water like probably millions others do, too. However, one could try it like this: I experienced a marvellous 8 hours with Swiss, Englishmen and Australians on a journey around the famous Cape peninsula at the southern point of Africa. Our tour guide company, African Eagle, organized a captivating tour. We started our trip in Cape Town in full sunshiny weather. The route led us along the Atlantic coast towards                  

Wine & Wineries

„Auf die Räder, fertig, Prost!“

Kapstadt, 17 on Loader, Bikes 'n Wines, Stellenbosch, Weingebiet, Wein, Verkostung

Du magst Sport? Du magst Wein? Du magst es speziell? Dann spricht dich ein Flyer mit dem grünen Slogan Bikes ’n Wines wahrscheinlich genauso an, wie es bei mir der Fall war. Neugierig zu entdecken, was sich hinter diesem Titel verbirgt, machte ich mich am vergangenen Donnerstag zusammen mit vier anderen Teilnehmern auf den Weg in die Winelands östlich von Kapstadt, wo – unweit von Stellenbosch –  unsere Tour begann. Ausgestattet mit Mountainbike, Helm und einem kleinen Lunchpaket folgten wir unserem Guide, Markus, und stürzten uns bereitwillig in das ungewohnte Abenteuer. Insgesamt besuchten wir vier Weingüter (bzw. Destillerien), wo sich unsere Gaumen der verschiedensten Wein- und