Eating Out

Upper Eastside Hotel to host first MasterChef dinner

An evening out with MAsterChef South Africa

The Upper Eastside Hotel in Woodstock will be hosting a series of exclusive dinners prepared by some of South Africa’s very own MasterChef finalists. Kicking off on Thursday, October 18, diners at the hotel’s Liberty’s restaurant will be treated to the culinary magic of Sue-Ann Allen and Ilse Fourie, who achieved runner up and a top five position respectively in the inaugural local series of the global cooking phenomenon. Together with expert input from the hotel’s executive chef, Simon Kemp, the pair will be using the freshest seasonal ingredients including herbs from the hotel’s recently launched organic rooftop garden – the first of its kind at an urban hotel in South Africa. In addition to interaction with the MasterChefs                  


Jack Parow

Dans Dans Dans music video out soon

Referred to as "Bob Dylan of the northern suburbs", "pirate of the caravan park" and "an Afrikaans Eminem", Zander Tyler is more popularly known for his on-stage persona as Jack Parow - one of South Africa's most prominent popular culture icons. As "Cooler as Ekke"has monopolized African airwaves, Afrikaans, Mothercity-made Jack Parow, has become one of South Africa's local loves. At the early end of the decade, musical movements that tore Afrikaans music apart from religious zeal, resulted in the Belville Rock city phenomena - and so spawned bands the likes of Fokofpolisiekar,aKing, and Van Coke Kartel. So while Afrikaans music was once ripe with religious evangelism, the noughties saw it slowly became synonymous with                  


Bastille 10.0

Barrel Rolling at Bastille

Franschhoek is a bit of an "all or nothing" little town, and those of you who follow the blog will know my opinion of this French corner of the Cape - this slice of heaven town has a crème de la crème reputation for fine wine, dine... and apparently, swingers (an interesting little fact I picked up at last year's Bastille bash).  Celebrating French Huguenot heritage with admirable abandon this 17th - 18th of July, every shop front and five year-old painted face screams the red, blue and white colour scheme.  Being a valley of award-winning restaurants, Bastille day boasts first and foremost the marquee - housing the aromas and jollity of lavish cuisines and cellar-sellers. In                  

Night Life

Cape Town Pub-crawl

They call it the pub-crawl for two reasons. 1. There are pubs. 2. The involvement of such pubs occasionally results in the action of crawling. This fact leads us to conclude, that it is our own best interest to rouse bedlam in pubs conducive to crawling. What characteristics determine crawl-worthiness? CLEANLINESS. To pub-crawl is one thing, but to be in a pub already crawling with bugs and Dickensian dodge-cats is a deal breaker. Moreover, hoping optimistically that visible symptoms of Hepatitis F don’t materialize, as a result of braving bar snacks, can somewhat suck the fun. Hence requirement two: GOOD BAR SNACKS. In a less then solid state, culinary surprises (and I’m talking about the Halloween trick rather                  

Health & Fitness

The best massage in Cape Town – part 2

My favourite Deep Tissue and Lomi Lomi massage therapist, Jean-Pierre Hartmann, has just moved from his Sea Point studio to the Foreshore. Jean-Pierre Hartmann’s new venue is a room in the most beautiful yoga studio in Cape Town, jai yoga, which also offers various kinds of yoga classes, and if that doesn’t sound totally hot, you’ve got to try their hot yoga class! See Jean-Pierre’s speciality is Deep Tissue Massage, which is great for releasing deep seated tensions and inducing relaxation. (see blog) The Lomi Lomi style of Hawaiian massage which Jean-Pierre offers entails movements which mimic the ebb and flow of the ocean, using elbows, forearms and palms in dynamic movements to                  

Interesting People

DJ Rene the Frenchman


While us over at 17onLoader (De Waterkant's premium bed and breakfast) often review back alleys and bustling venues, we don't usually take a look at the lingerers in the limelight. But recently we found ourselves beers-ing with the Frenchman that keeps HQ frantic on Fridays... DJ Rene (the Frenchman - as he is referred to) is the towering, infectiously jovial energy of a man pleased with the way his life's turned out. His bombastically beautiful grey hair bounces as he animatedly gesticulates with a wide, trusty smile. Despite having lived in South Africa for seventeen years, Rene still has the two unmistakable traits of a Frenchman - the accent, and the kind of effortless charm that could hypnotize a girl right into                  

Art Scene

RUMPSTEAK serving its final helping in Cape Town

RumpsteaK-11-may 2010-to-19-may-2010

The mouthwatering latest show by Gaëtan Schmid sizzles one last time in Cape Town at The Intimate Theatre between the 11th and the 29th of May 2010, Tuesdays to Saturdays, before heading to the National Arts Festival to be part of the Cape Town Edge collaborative on the Fringe. Rumpsteak is an exhilarating ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at rush hour in the kitchen of a French restaurant. One man, on one square metre, playing thirteen characters, with eight hundred sound effects! A physical theatre spectacular, described as "a one-man explosion" by, is really a show for anyone. Entirely in French, the show crosses both spoken and physical language boundaries. And with a brand new introduction                  

Eating Out

The Waterfront Wine Affair


Cape Town's been very quiet this week - we've been nursing our once-flourishing social calendars and wishing for sunburn. But what we have fast forgotten is that winter brings wine, fireplaces and excuses for shared body-heat...  Until Friday, The V&A spends the week swaying with the inebriated influence of dozens of boutique and reserve wines. With curling leaves and early evenings comes the annual V&A Wine Affair. The backdrop of a Table Mountain-marked cityscape makes The Waterfront's look out a perfect rooftop for some indulgent-out-of-doorsness.    This well-loved tasting/sipping soiree is a palate party.  Think sushi, oysters, imported cheeses and charcuterie... the menu boasts the                  

Art Scene


frederike stokhuyzen III cape gallery

"South African landscapes, treescape, rockscapes and flowerscapes as well as wildlife are the embracing theme of Frederike’s work. Painting only what she feels deeply about, the sheer beauty of nature is captured in this exhibition with honesty and originality. Watercolours or pen and wash are executed on the spot in the course of her travels, while the oils are painted exclusively with a palette knife in her studio, a technique that gives her work a dramatic and unique quality". "Born in Johannesburg of Dutch parents, her training commenced at Rhodes University where she obtained her degree in Fine Art and subsequently a teaching diploma. Then followed a period at Central Art School, London in the design                  


Stadium Stories: Durban


    For all those cheeky Capetonians arguing that "we have the best stadium" don't be fooled - us Durban-born girls disagree. Besides the fact that as a host city, Durban will be the SAM-HELL warmer than Cape Town, a recent visit has convinced me that eThekwini has the best stadium to boot. An unimposing testament to symmetry, this pillared structure is perfectly placed in the heart of the Durban skyline - with cable car providing a literal bird's eye view.   The 70, 000 seater stadium is named after KwaZulu Natal-born Moses Mabhida - a unionist called upon by Oliver Tambo to develop the ANC's armed wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK). Mabhida is remembered for his contributions as chief political instructor of new military